$10 Throwbacks at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre

I’m going to be honest: I try to avoid Hollywood and Highland as much as possible. While the iconic strip is home to the Oscars, Chinese Theatre and their footprints, it’s just too much most of the time. It’s got to be a good reason for Mike and I to plan a date there. So, when Disney’s El Capitan theatre is having a month of throwbacks for $10 that includes a small popcorn and drink, that’s when it’s an occasion to brave the mobs.

Like the several theatres on Hollywood Boulevard, the El Capitan is a gorgeous 1920’s venue with red velvet seats and stunning Egyptian architecture to boot. Having been a Disney entity for awhile now, they definitely have kept the old-world charm while sprinkling in their pixie dust.

El Capitan Theatre Presents Throwbacks Chosen by Cast Members

All month long, the El Capitan Theatre is presenting their popular throwback series with a twist. Not only will they be showing some great Disney classics, but the lineup was selected by cast members to the El Capitan Theatre.

Mike and I headed out Saturday afternoon just in time to catch the afternoon screening of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I had not seen this classic yet and now seemed like a great opportunity. Right down to the fair price and snacks. As always, long-time resident organist, Rob Richards, led the pre-show with terrific renditions of some of the most beloved Disney songs like Be Our Guest and Part of your World.

Photo: Disney Pictures.

Knowing the gist of Roger Rabbit, and being a fan of the Disneyland attraction, I was so excited to at last see this film and on the big screen, no less. When the popular and zany rabbit actor is accused of murder, he must prove the innocence of himself with the help of down on his luck private investigator, Eddie Valiant. What makes this film so clever to this day is the hybrid-use of both live-action and animation. The cartoon characters (with plenty of cameos from Disney favorites and the Looney Tunes gang) are just as much the stars of the movie as real-life stars like Bob Hoskins and Christopher Lloyd.

Plan a Day at the El Capitan

Once Roger Rabbit wraps up September 3rd, make sure to check out the next throwbacks this month.  Enchanted will play from September 6th to 9th, Flubber bounces in September 13th to 16th and the fun will wrap up (or fly away?) with Pixar’s Up from September 20th to 23rd. I was thrilled to learn that there will be a “Double Flubber” feature on September 13th with the film that inspired this 1997 hit, the Absent Minded Professor! Fred MacMurray stars in the 1961 family comedy that will be the ultimate ‘throwback’ to kids.

All movies are $10 and include a small popcorn and soda. For the double feature, tickets are $15 and include a VIP popcorn and large drink. Make sure to stick around for October screenings of Hocus Pocus and the Nightmare Before Christmas, too! xo

(*Disclosure: I attended this screening on behalf of this article. All opinions are my own.)

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