Grateful Dead Scarf Giveaway Ends 8-10!

From diehard enthusiasts to casual listeners, Grateful Girls’ vibrant everyday accessories offer a whole new way to indulge in one of the greatest bands of all time! Infused with the iconic symbolisms of the band combined with creative tie-dyes, each Grateful Scarf has been designed […]

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What Not to Miss at Claremont Restaurant Week!

Have you ever been to Claremont, California? Nestled in the foothills of The San Gabriel Mountains, just east of Downtown LA & whistling distance from Pasadena, Claremont has become a best kept secret to Southern California with world-class cuisine, entertainment & FUN to be had. […]

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Feeling ‘Joy’ & ‘Sad’ with Pixar’s Inside Out.

Oh, Pixar…how I always try to poo-poo the power of your movies. Between the rave reviews, clever-ness and everyone’s heart skipping a beat when you release your animated flicks like the Toy Story trilogy, Ratatouille or, oh how can we forget…UP, I always reprise my role as […]

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