33 Gluten Free Meals for Back to School.


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I have noticed quite a few articles & posts the past few weeks from my friends all about their kids heading BACK TO SCHOOL & gathering all the swag the season comes with: Theres new outfits, lunch boxes, notebooks & supplies. Something, though, that I have thought about is: What do you get if you have a child who needs to be gluten-free? While I was not as a kid, the signs were there I had wheat allergies. Looking back, cheese quesadillas gave me an awful headache, & crackers gave me a tummy ache. Back then, my Mom thought it was bizarre how I had ailments that came out of nowhere but, looking back, what I had for lunch played a huge role.

Thankfully, nowadays, it is nearly a SNAP if your kiddo requires gluten-free foods. The only draw back? The price, I know. Slowly, I am definitely seeing a small roll back in prices for gluten-free foods; especially if you can shop at Wal-Mart or Target. Listed below, are some great breakfast, lunch & dinners to consider if you have a gluten-free youngster hitting the school halls again soon! Enjoy 🙂


If its traditional faves you crave without a tummy ache by 1st period, look no further than Udi’s line of breads & bagels. My go-to’s are their white sandwich bread & the cinnamon raisin bagel. YUM. French toast sticks & waffles could easily be one of the most common gluten-free frozen item you see nowadays in stores with Van’s. And, luckily? They’re awesome. I grew up on french toast sticks from the fast food drive-thru’s & these are full of flavor, but none of the bad stuff I am sure my old day treat has!

Another favorite (although I admit its more often my lunch than breakfast) is Amy’s Tofu Scramble. Amy’s brand has been a pioneer in the vegetarian & vegan world, & as of late, nearly half of all their products are gluten-free. I absolutely love their Tofu Scramble, which also includes has browns on the side. It tastes like it’s from a diner, & takes 3 minutes to make.

Udi's Morning
Udi’s Morning


Grab some of that Udi’s bread & you’ve got yourself a PB&J. Need a more grown up lunch? CedarLane is an awesome brand & along with their vast selection of complete frozen meals (Quinoa enchiladas, Sweet Corn Tamales & Enchilada Pie), they also make the perfect pack of 4 gluten-free, vegan stuffed grape leaves. I get them at my Ralph’s in the deli section, & they hit the spot every time when I am becoming Mary Hulk (my boyfriends affectionate term for me when I am hangry). Theres loads of pasta’s available, too, (We always get De Boles) & you can easily whip up a pasta salad to enjoy cold, or make pasta shells with your little one’s favorite sauce (Mine is probably Amy’s basil sauce), if they can heat it up.


Speaking of dinner, this can be a pretty endless meal time. If you’re in search of the traditional pizza or macaroni & cheese, my favorite frozen pizza has got to be Amy’s Rice Crust Cheese Pizza, or, if you want to have a fun night of cooking together, grab Udi’s pizza crust then create your own from there! For mac ‘n cheese, my favorites are Trader Joes brand or Annie’s. While I wish I could recommend Annie’s instant mac ‘n cheese…I just cannot. It was un-edible, yet their boxed version is A-OK. If some frozen dinners are looking good, theres Amy’s cheese enchiladas, brown rice & veggies bowl, Amy’s chili with blue corn tortilla chips & some cheese (oh, yeah!), Udi’s kale & broccoli lasagna, Sweet potato ravioli & Tandoor’s Veggie pad Thai.


Luckily, most ice cream is allowed granted it’s not a flavor containing gluten (like cookies & creme–always read the label!), then we’ve got Amy’s chocolate cake, Udi’s cookies & brownie bites, Katz’s pies & donuts & Trader Joes mint chocolate cupcakes. Did you realize you would be this full going gluten-free, or having to accommodate a gluten-free loved one?!

Gluten Free. Its whats for every meal.
Gluten Free. Its whats for every meal.


I am currently loving Glutino’s animal crackers, which are under $4 at Wal-Mart, KIND bars have become a BFF as they’re all gluten-free & have such unique flavors as Hickory Smoked & Honey Mustard (yes, you read right). Glutino continues to save me as they have 2 of the most forbidden things EVER for me: pretzels & chocolate sandwich cookies with vanilla creme (AKA–Oreo).

I hope these tips make the new school year easier for you & your little one! What did I miss? What are your favorites? xo

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