Papa John’s Gluten-Free Crust is Here!



Being gluten-free since 2009, I am first to admit that this road to get healthier and off wheat and gluten has not been easy. There’s been much, much trial and error. While the journey has definitely gotten easier, one of my favorite dishes was difficult to re-create: Pizza. In 2009, it was like the heaven doors opening if I could find a gluten-free crust…that did not taste like a cracker. Fast forward to 2017, and it seems everywhere has a gluten-free crust.

I’ve been checking out nearly every pizza parlor around that carries the beloved gluten-free pizza crust. When Papa Johns opened literally at my corner a few months ago, I was sad as my husband can now easily walk to get a great pizza, and, alas, I continued to drive elsewhere for mine. Not anymore!

Papa John’s has at last unveiled their gluten-free crust, and I could not have been happier to check it out! This past weekend, Mike and I decided to have a lazy Sunday at home; staying in our PJ’s, watching movies (He’d never seen Thelma and Louise….really?). When lunch time striked and it was time for lunch. We knew we didn’t want to bother to cook so, guess who was able to get 2 pizza’s perfect for each of us?! 😉

It was my first time at our Papa Johns, and I was immediately impressed with their cozy location and how clean it was, as well as the friendly cashiers. We ordered online, and the pizzas had just come out of the oven. Smelling great, I was anxious to get home and try Papa John’s gluten-free pizza crust.

I have to admit, I was not expecting much. Other popular delivery pizza chains have come out with a gluten-free crust and they have been nothing to write home about. But, Papa John’s? Mike and I immediately noticed that the crust was not flat; it actually looked like a thicker crust (music to my ears.)

A 2 topping gluten-free crust is only $9.99, and I chose olives and mushrooms. On their website, I loved all of the options as you build your pizza. You can have your pizza sliced ‘normal’ or squared, and even select you amount of sauce and cheese. I chose squared with normal amount of cheese and sauce. The square option is clever and what I’ll be ordering from now on; it definitely seems like more pizza which was great for left overs.

The pizza and gluten free crust were delicious. While most restaurants are simply using a corn or rice based flour crust, Papa John’s has gone a step further for much better results and created an ancient grains gluten-free crust. “Ancient grains” specifically means sorghum, teff, amaranth, and quinoa. How awesome is that?!

When my friend, Lisa, mentioned she loves their garlic dipping sauce, I wondered if that would be included for me and if it was gluten free….yep! Just like a ‘normal’ person, their garlic sauce was awaiting for me.

The best part about Papa John’s new ancient grain gluten-free crust? I have the promo code for you to get yours at just $9.99, use GLTN2T over on their website to get your ancient grains on, and tell me what you think! xo

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