A Getaway to Taos, New Mexico

I’m probably a broken record by now, but this has been a very strange year. I’m someone who loves to be among people yet also spend a lot of my time solo by choice. This is probably the most time I’ve spent with Mike, my husband, in a long while as I’ve not had story assignments to whiz away on. It got me thinking that 2020 has become the year for routine. We wake up, work, eat, talk to the dogs, maybe grab takeout if we’re in a rebellious mood. But, not much else. Especially in the getaway department. Mike’s still working full-time, thankfully, but it got me thinking of those who are are looking to branch out a bit amidst this isolating year. 

To truly enjoy a getaway from it all and experience a unique, secluded vacation, look no further than the passionate community of Taos, New Mexico. Surrounded by the mountains and sitting on sacred grounds, Taos is an ideal getaway with your boo if you want to unplug and reconnect with what (and who) is important.

From fine dining and chocolate shops to an array of art galleries, I had the pleasure of visiting this tranquil city last Fall and looked forward to bringing Mike back the entire time. As you walk the streets of Taos, it just feels alive and romantic

In between your reconnecting, don’t miss exploring this beautiful town (population: 5700). Here are five activities in Taos I highly recommend for a getaway with your main squeeze.

Chokola Bean to Bar Chocolate Shop

What started as a love for chocolate blossomed into a romance and union…in more ways than one! Chokola owners Debi Vincent and Javier Abad met nearly two decades ago in Venezuela over a mutual love of chocolate. By 2015, Debi and Javi moved to Taos with their young family, became chocolatiers, and opened Chokola. If that’s not a love story, what is? Am I right?

One step inside to Chokola and you not only feel the love; you smell it. The aroma of fresh chocolate roasting will entice even those who claim to “not be big on chocolate.” The couple purchases cacao beans from around the world and produces in small batches; the flavor of a chocolate bean comes from the terroir, just as it does with wines. If you and your honey enjoy the good things in life, prepare to be mind-blown after a visit to Chokola.

Arriving to Chokola. (c) Mary Farah
Debi displaying the cacao beans. (c) Mary Farah

Enjoy a Unity Couples Massage

When you select a Unity Couple’s massage at the El Monte Sagrado, you’ll quickly learn why Forbes selected this ski resort as one of the Top Spa Resorts in America. The most expensive hotel built in New Mexico, El Monte Sagrado is one of those places in Taos that makes you feel alive. You’ll naturally feel the urge to turn off your phone, sit back, and appreciate the beauty around you.

At El Monte Sagrado’s Living Spa, an impressive menu of services awaits you. If you’re traveling as a pair, definitely treat yourself to the Unity Couple’s massage. An exotic blend of precious oils like rose orchid and magnolia are used to enhance the harmony of the two. It’s a true state of bliss, even more so, when you share with the one you love.

Stroll the Art Galleries

A walk along historic Kit Carson Road will find you stumbling upon several art galleries and studios. A true working artist’s community, a self-guided or docent-led tour is a must while in Taos. Stroll hand in hand and admire stunning galleries like Greg Moon Art and Jones Walker. In the market to purchase? No matter your style or budget, there’s an art aspect for everyone as you explore Taos.

The tranquil spa awaits you at El Monte Sagrado. (c) Mary Farah
Stay in one of their charming casitas or suites. (c) Mary Farah

Dinner at the Love Apple

There’s something so romantic about a European setting. At the Love Apple, enjoy a candlelit dinner for two at the gorgeous bistro that was once a Catholic chapel in the 1800s. All about farm-to-table, the Love Apple will immediately ignite your appetite.

Influenced by several treks over the years to Paris, owner Jen Hart has expertly crafted a Parisian atmosphere amidst the enchanting Taos, where she grew up. Both cities offer extremely romantic vibes, and the Love Apple captures that magic. Just be advised, they’re cash and check only. 

Learn the Tango

Did I not say Taos is a romantic town?! Over at the gorgeous and cozy Casa Gallina, owner Richard Spera is the Innkeeper for five beautiful casitas available for short-term rentals. When he’s not busy managing the casa’s and caring for the chickens (over 40 hens live on-site in a mudded adobe hen house!)), Richard is also a tango instructor.

A lover of the sultry dance, Richard offers private lessons or groups at his own studio at the Casa when it’s available. He makes even the most awkward dancer feel at ease; why not try something new with your love?

Taos is Waiting for You….

What will you do first with your honey during your Taos getaway? While I confirmed that the businesses and experiences mentioned are operating during our pandemic, definitely check before your visit. If you’re like me and avoiding flying at this time, Taos is a great road trip destination. 14 hours from LA, nine hours from Phoenix, and just five hours from Denver. 

(*Disclosure: Special thanks to Visit Taos for hosting me on this unforgettable visit.)


  1. Stacey Wittig

    August 11, 2020 at 1:09 pm

    I love Taos…especially the Taos Inn and Michaels’ Kitchen

    1. AlongComesMary

      August 11, 2020 at 9:06 pm

      We heard about Michael’s Kitchen! Cannot wait to return.

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