Since 2012, Mary Farah (formerly Lansing) has been writing her little heart out and going out into the world on behalf of her “baby”, Along Comes Mary. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Mary is a hardcore California girl and loves to travel anywhere while knowing her beloved LA is awaiting her return home.

With a background in theatre tech, Mary is also a passionate and full time freelancing social media manager and specialist. Earlier this year she launched her new business and website, Plucky Social Media. Mary loves to make her clients’ online presence heard and has been told her natural knack for social media is invaluable.

A proud board member for The International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), Mary loves nothing more than traveling and reporting back to her readers. Gluten free since 2009, Mary loves to seek out the best gluten free places around.

When she is not blogging or managing a variety of social media channels (no, seriously, she manages a lot), her most favorite place to be is with her husband, Michael and their 2 dogs, Hammy (Hammond) and Nova. Usually, on the couch, watching Star Trek or Law and Order. (Michael has made her a total nerd. She even loves anime films now.)

Thank you for visiting!

(To email Mary, alongcomesmary26@gmail.com)


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