Autism Hope Alliance’s Pamper Me Pantry Subscription Box: Gluten AND Dairy Free!

Subscription boxes are all the rage. From Ipsy to even a Gilmore Girls quarterly subscription, there’s a box out there for nearly any subject. I’ve tried my share and quickly realized that I didn’t need the amount of goodies I was getting monthly at my door.  That is, until I discovered Autism Hope Alliance’s Pamper Me Pantry box.

The first autism organization to emerge from the natural foods industry, the Autism Hope Alliance provides support for families affected with an autism diagnosis.  From financial support to lifestyle guidance, AHA promotes a gluten-free and dairy-free diet for people with autism. Thus, their impressive roster of partners include health food heavyweights like Daiya, Applegate, Barleans and Earth Friendly Products (ECOS).

The Pamper Me Pantry box brings together many of Autism Hope Alliance’s (AHA) partners and their top-selling products. A surprise to your doorstep every quarter, each Pamper Me Pantry box is unique and loaded with a minimum of $125 worth of full-sized goodies. Best Part? You can purchase a year’s subscription for just $124.99 or order them individually for $39.99!

Pamper Me Pantry Subscription Box from Autism Hope Alliance

Being gluten-free, I often spend a small fortune at the grocery store. That’s not to mention my multiple stops I make to find products that work for me. And, let’s not even get started on vitamins. I take multiple supplements and that’s not cheap, either.  This is why I love AHA’s Pamper Me Pantry box. I was thrilled to receive products I already love, as well as some new products I’ve been wanting to try. Check out this stash!

Autism Hope Alliance’s stash from their Pamper Me Pantry box! (c) Mary Farah
The best day is when your subscription box arrives. (c) Mary Farah

Other subscription boxes I’ve been invited to try had a few gluten-free items at best. With Pamper Me Pantry, not only is everything gluten-free, but also dairy-free. I’m not as strict as I sometimes think I should be with dairy. A reason I let that one slide? Again, budget. While gluten-free is vital for me to follow due to my allergy, I just do the best I can as far as dairy goes. With Pamper Me Pantry, I get the best of both (my) worlds.

The Goodies in my Pamper Me Pantry Box

I have to admit-I got my Pamper Me Pantry box on the perfect day. It’s the usual story-been out all day, in LA traffic and as I walked in the door had that thought: What’s for dinner? Upon opening my box, I was so happy to see one of my favorites, Daiya’s cheddar-style macaroni and cheese. Back when I was young and starting out as a vegetarian, I tried Daiya’s “cheeze” slices. It made it difficult to want to give up dairy. Not appetizing, I avoided them and most cheese alternatives for years. But, times have changed and so has Daiya’s recipe. Now coconut-based, I love this mac and cheese. Not to mention, gluten-free.

As someone often traveling, the mini bags of Enjoy Life snickerdoodle cookies and Vegan Rob’s vegan cheese puffs were a welcome treat. For getting greens and essential omega fatty acids on the go, I’ve already stashed my packets of Barlean’s Superfruit Greens powder and Nordic Naturals Complete Omega in my purse

Speaking of Barlean’s, one of my favorite products I’ve discovered thanks to Pamper Me Pantry is their Omega Swirl fish oil. While it may sound odd, it’s one of the most tasty treats I’ve had-and it’s good for you! Their Omega Swirl fish oil provides all of the support you get from a fish oil-like brain support and heart health. Yet, without the fish taste. This quarter, I got to try the lemon swirl. While my favorite remains the orange creme, lemon runs a close second.

Sorry, Hammy-these are my Enjoy Life cookies! (c) Mary Farah
Love Barleans Superfruit Greens powder mix. (c) Mary Farah

New Treats to Try

Like I mentioned, all Pamper Me Pantry boxes have a minimum value of $125. Several boxes, like mine, are easily worth anywhere from $150 to $200. One of the supplies in the boxes that makes them valuable is the array of immune support and supplements you get.

I’m a very holistic person-while I’m in no way opposed to medical treatment, you’ll often find me reaching for Vitamin C before the NyQuil. With countless supplements on the market (have you seen the shelves at Whole Foods?!), it can be tempting to try out a variety, until I see the price tag. In this Pamper Me Pantry box alone, I received a bottle of Master Supplements’ popular probiotic, Granular Theralac. I’ve had my eye on it, yet at a retail value of $47.95, have had it on the back burner. I’m at last able to try it thanks to this shipment.I love that Pamper Me Pantry helps me ‘look before I leap’.

Another food I tend to avoid these days is popcorn, despite I love it. Do a Google search on corn and you’ll understand why it’s on my watch list. Nearly all corn is genetically modified, and is nothing but a cheap grain to wreck your immune system and gut lining. All the good stuff seems to go that way, no? Enter Tiny but Mighty Popcorn, also included in my box.

Tiny but Mighty sources their popcorn from an heirloom seed; which is a one of a kind petite kernel grown on a tiny ear. It’s NEVER been genetically modified. What does this mean? Most people with gut issues and who avoid popcorn do not find difficulty when eating this kind of tiny kernel. Hence the name, Tiny but Mighty! My box contains a box of their Spicy Southwest variety. I see a movie night in my husbands and my future.

Enjoy Gluten and Dairy-free Treats While Supporting Families Affected by Autism

The Autism Hope Alliance is all about helping families live their best lives while on the autism journey. One of their recommendations is looking closely at a child’s diet. Several kiddos on the autism spectrum thrive on a gluten/casein/dairy free diet. This promotes less gut and bowel issues as well as better neurological support.

Whether you or your family is affected by autism, I love AHA’s Pamper Me Pantry box as it makes my gluten-free lifestyle a bit easier. I get foods and vitamins I know I’ll use while supporting a fantastic cause. While several charities choose to devote their funds to ongoing research, ones like AHA choose to directly make an impact on the lives of families who need support.

10% Off Your First Pamper Me Pantry Order

How would you like to try out the Pamper Me Pantry subscription box for yourself? AHA is currently accepting orders for their October shipment. Get a single box for just $39.99, or subscribe for an entire year at the minimum value of just 1 box-a years subscription (4 boxes) is only $124.99.

You can get 10% off your first order when you use Along Comes Mary’s unique coupon code, HOPE2, at check out. Make sure to click HERE and order quickly-they always sell out!

Thanks to AHA and all of their partners for creating such a fabulous subscription box for us gluten and dairy-free peeps. xo

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