Babble the $%#@ On at Hollywood Improv!

Prior to dating Michael, I knew of Kevin Smith and how many adore his style of film making; it can be crude, blunt, in your face, yet always with plenty of heart and compassion. I knew he was the ‘Silent Bob’ (yet not always so silent! His speech in his film, Chasing Amy, is one of my favorites) of Jay and Silent Bob, I knew he was the mastermind behind Clerks 1 and 2, but that was about it.

Once I entered into Michael’s colorful world of new films, video games and adventures, I quickly got a crash course in Kevin Smith and his movies, along with him, in general, have certainly become one of my new favorites.


While Smith might come across to some as that heavy-set guy from Jersey talking about sex, he is one smart, down to earth cookie who, along with hit films, a comic book shop and a series on AMC, also has multiple successful pod casts under his belt. One is Hollywood Babble-On with friend, DJ, Actor and Voice Personality, Ralph Garman.

Not sure what to get Mike in July for his birthday, I lucked out and was able to book tickets to attend a live taping of Babble On at their home, The Hollywood Improv! Having only been to George Lopez before, live comedy is still a new beast for me but so far? I am loving them.


Since another show was going on, we got to wait out front in the very swanky, Sunset Blvd-esque restaurant while munching on appetizers and drinks. When it was time for seating, an usher assigns you where to go and we lucked out as we were put in the front row, to the right of the stage!

When Ralph & Kevin hit the stage, they get right into their groove with jokes, pop culture and telling jokes. Highlights for me were learning about an up-coming Betty Boop movie (animated, no less) and their wonderful tributes to Lauren Bacall and Robin Williams; Since Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are friends as well as having worked with Kevin on several projects, he recalled visiting them on the set of Good Will Hunting and how Williams helped so much in bringing that film to fruition. With Bacall, they showed a wonderful scene with Humphrey Bogart from her first film, To Have and Have Not, when she was a tender 19 years old.


What’s so awesome about their live shows is how interactive they are; they share fan art, answer letters (Kevin is an ordained minister and can even marry you at a show) and encourage the audience to laugh and yell & just have fun. Definitely a date night or night out with the adults, they drop many F bombs and can be R rated, just a FYI 😉

You can listen to the podcast we attended and get more info on their web-site here. Tickets sell out fast so if you’re interested, definitely book in advance and get ready for an extremely fun time! xo

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