Celebrate Halloween with Nestle & Stouffer’s! #Treats4All

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So, last October, I discovered my own pumpkin spice adduction. While many flock to the coffee shops for the specialty drinks, or the donut shops for a bite of pumpkin spice nirvana, my discovery was Nestle’s line of Toll House cookies & pumpkin spice morsels. I bought a few (yes, a few) bags of the semi-sweet morsels with every intent of posting a cool blog recipe of fudge &/or maybe brownies featuring them. The dilemma? I ate ’em all before a post ever came to fruition! 😉

I am about to make up for that, though. We’re in full swing at our house preparing for Halloween festivities, & going crazy buying fun decorations. This time of year is always extremely special for me & brings back so many childhood memories awaiting Halloween, what my costume would be, & of course, being too hungry to EAT a decent meal on Halloween, since I was so excited to go trick or treating. If you have kids, have you had this dilemma? I got to thinking, I actually just might have a solution for this!

Browsing the fun size candies aisle at Walmart, I decided to stock up with Nestle’s Jumbo Assorted Candy bag (under ten bucks, heck yes!) & my personal fave: Butterfingers, I caved in & bought an extra fun size bag, just of the Butterfingers. Only once a year, right?

Oh, you tempting aisle. You got me, Wal Mart.
Oh, you tempting aisle. You got me, Walmart.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I will tell you more than just the sweet stuff to offer your kiddo 😉 But, when I noticed the Nestle Toll House cookie dough limited edition, Pumpkin Spice, it got me thinking of how much I love sprinkles, even though they really don’t taste like….much. So, why not skip traditional sprinkles & crumble up some Butterfingers for your Halloween dessert, they ARE orange on the inside, so its perfect!

Toll House cookie packs are so fool-proof & simple, absolutely perfect for a hectic season & evening if you’re getting ready to hit the town for tricks & treats….

So, this was just a few of my purchases at Walmart!
Nestle Toll House cookies, Pumpkin Spice, simply break the squares and place on your baking sheet.

While I waited for the oven to pre-heat, I busted open my huge bags of candies, & got creative: Mike has been on me to do something about the vast amount of coffee mugs we have. They all are special, so, getting rid of any are not an option for me. & what we have needed are some candy bowls…I kind of have a new accessory at our house:


Definitely quirky, but, I needed to keep busy while waiting to BAKE.

Toll House cookies are easily one of the simplest ways to make cookies, especially if you don’t have time to bake from scratch. As you can see, I sprinkled the Butterfinger on top of the cookies, some, prior to baking, & the rest, after. Just to make sure it tasted as good as it sounds:


NOW, so you don’t devour the desserts first, my dinner recommendation, while you let the cookies cool? STOUFFER’s Classic Mac Cups. You can satisfy your cravings anytime with STOUFFER’s Cups. With 8-10g of protein and less than 250 calories, your favorite STOUFFER’s flavors now come in a perfectly portioned little cup. How cute are they?! It was the perfect dinner for my non-gluten free boyfriend 😉

Dinner & Halloween fun is served!
Dinner & Halloween fun is served!

So, we have a quick, easy & wholesome dinner, cookies for dessert, a solution if you have a lot of coffee mugs that need to do something besides hold your beverage AND awesome candy for trick or treaters. All CHECK! 🙂 Do you have any rituals, favorite dinners, you enjoy before you head out for Halloween? Give me some more ideas & make sure to learn more about all the “Frightful Favorites” & #Treats4All available at Walmart. xo


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    October 9, 2015 at 3:34 pm

    Those cookies look so good!

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