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When Michael recommended I start a “Week in Review” series, I was skeptical. Despite I write about my life all the time, I don’t want to come across like I am boasting…or, is that inevitable, being a writer?? I will let you be the judge of that. This week has indeed had some awesome moments, so, here we go….


R2                                                                                          Shenanigans with R2 D2 at The Star Wars Celebration.



Selfie with Jason Ritter at Pasadena’s One Starry Night.


Tuesday I got to join Beverly Diehl for a great girls night at Island’s; while it originally was intended to be a book club with several joining, we ended up being the lone 2, but it was such a fabulous time of girl talk over drinks & appetizers. If you’re in SoCal, Island’s is an awesome burger grill restaurant, with plenty of options for us Pescaterians. (The nachos were dynamite!)

Wednesday was such a sweet night as I got to meet friends of Mike’s from Louisiana. They had their adorable 1-year-old in tow, & it got our biological clocks ticking….temporarily! 😉

Thursday was a delicious afternoon as I covered Grand Cercle Des Vins De Bordeaux Tasting event at The Peninsula Hotel of Beverly Hills. Any opportunity to go to Beverly Hills is a great one, & getting to sample some of the best wine from France was brilliant. Stay tuned for my review of that venture.

At The Greek Theatre.
At The Greek Theatre.

Friday was freezing, but that didn’t stop us from heading out to The Greek Theatre to cover Damien Rice. Another wonderful concert, expect to read that article by Tuesday.

Saturday is actually in part why I am choosing to write this post. After another great breakfast at Hugo’s, Mike & I decided to take a stroll through a cold Studio City & we stumbled upon The Little Brown Church of The Valley, & any history/political/film buffs take note, this adorable church is where Ronald Reagan married Nancy Davis in 1952! Open daily with all welcome, this is a serene, intimate house of worship.

Little Brown Church of The Valley, Studio City.
Little Brown Church of The Valley, Studio City.

What were some happenings of your week? xo

(*Featured Image/”Week in Review” courtesy of this web-site found via Pinterest.)


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