Don’t Miss Marvel Universe Live!: Age of Heroes

I was not much of a Marvel fan too long ago. I know what you might be thinking, What?! She’s nuts! How can she not like The Marvel Universe?! Well, it was not that I was not a fan of Marvel and the films, but, honestly? I just had not been exposed to the franchise and superheroes prior to meeting my husband.

I’ll admit: Superhero stuff will never be my #1 favorite kind of film or culture. While I appreciate the storytelling and characters, it’s just never been something on my radar, unless thrown into. Growing up, I watched the animated Superhero, X-Men and Batman series, but, more just while waiting for another show (probably Animaniacs or Power Rangers). Since becoming a big girl and knowing Michael, he has shown me just what brilliance the Batman animated series was (Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, as The Joker?! Their infamous holiday episode, Christmas with The Joker, is the most haunting half hour ever) and that there s a reason the masses flock to midnight screenings of The Avengers and Iron Man.

So, alas, I have seen all of the Marvel films to date. And, am pretty educated with the characters and plots. You can imagine my excitement when I got invited to cover the red carpet and Los Angeles premiere of Marvel Universe Live!: Age of Heroes, at The Staples Center. Check out how cool this trailer is:


In this live, legendary battle to defend the universe from evil, we meet up with Spider-Man, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy. They then meet up with Doctor Strange, in a race against time to recover the Wand of Watoomb before it falls into the evil Loki’s, Thor’s brother, hands.  This ancient artifact would allow Loki to achieve his eternal quest to crown himself ruler of the universe.  While Marvel Universe Live  has toured before, this is an all-new show that unites some of Marvel’s greatest Super Heroes including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Hulk and Black Widow against some of the most threatening villains.

As the show begins with The Guardians of the Galaxy, I was surprised the opening did not have that ensemble excitement; building up the momentum as we await for our superheroes to arrive. It was also a bit of a let down that Marvel Universe Live! lacked a solid soundtrack. The score is always fantastic in a Marvel movie, and, well, if you are going to open with a scene featuring The Guardians, I kind of am expecting some David Bowie or 10cc to go along with them.

The crowd went nuts as we were introduced to each superhero, I especially welcomed the arrival of current cinema star boy, Spider Man! Flying in on a slinging wire, Spider Man revealed where the real extravagance would lay in this 90 minute show: the stunt performances.

Whether they were doing back flips on motorcycles, or kicking some serious butt, Marvel Universe Live has a phenomenal cast of actors and stunt performers. Much like Disney on Ice, the script and dialogue is voiced over, yet it is clearly easy to see why as the actors are non-stop in this show.

As we travel with heroes to locate the elusive Loki, I particularly loved the incorporation of Chinese dragons, aerial performers (I will always be in awe at the capability these artists have as they perform climbing up and down ribbon!) as well as a gorgeous fire dance sequence.

Prior to the Saturday AM performance, I was able to stand alongside the stars themselves and several guest of the event on the red carpet, including Nick Lachey, Sterling K. Brown and the original Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno. We may have had Star Lord and Captain America hanging out, too…..

While some aspects to the Marvel Universe franchise are definitely PG-13, I feel confident in recommending Marvel Universe Live!: Age of Heroes, to all-ages. There was a toddler next to me who was clapping her hands off at intermission. With a hearty intermission (15-20 minutes), the spectacle is fast paced, fun and always something awestruck to see no matter where you are looking. The adults will enjoy it just as much as the kids (says the blogger who was there sans kids, just her husband!).

Marvel Live!: Age of Heroes will play the Los Angeles area through July 23rd. Learn more and get your tickets HERE!

(*Disclosure: I attended this event as a member of the media. All opinions are my own.
Photos: Feld Media unless otherwise noted.)

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