Garbage Celebrates 20 Years at The Greek.

For 20 years, Alt-Rock-Electro-Goth-Anything-Goes band, Garbage, has been selling out arenas and rock festivals around the world. To celebrate 2015 marking the 20th anniversary debut of their multi-platinum self titled album, The Wisconsin & Scotland natives are doing what they do best: hit the road. Last Thursday was their 3rd stop on the 2 month tour at The Greek Theatre in LA & I was thrilled to purchase a ticket last-minute to see one of my favorite rock bands, for my 3rd time.

Mosh Pit Garbage

Shirley, Butch, Steve & Duke hit the stage with an incredibly clever opening that began with video clips through the years before they had the audience seeing only their live silhouettes from behind a ghost-white curtain, as LED & strobe lights lit up the veil while they performed one of their B-sides, Alien Sex Fiend. Mellow, eerie, hardcore, rock. The only way to introduce the best Garbage out there.

As they progressed, the set came to an unforseen halt as there were countless technical errors during what they call “Side 1” of their set; “We thought [this show] would be smooth like silk and fluffy like pink feathers!” Manson said,  “We were going to play the first side of the record without me saying a f***ing word,” she laughed, “But f*** I need to improvise and so do you! The motherf***ing shi* is about to hit. Be prepared. Be willing to adapt. To adapt is to survive!”

As it was determined some acoustic moments would be best, given the feedback & issues happening they performed plugged in, Garbage handled the errors with much amusement & jokes to the crowd from Siren Shirley, changing the set to accommodate accordingly & we were treated to all of the B-sides found on their new, 20th anniversary deluxe edition release (See affiliate link for more information below).

In a world of many reunion tours falling flat, band members dealing with personal demons, & what not, Garbage has somehow managed to triumph on throughout their 2 decade career span, which has not been a bed of roses, as Manson mentioned during one of her impromptu monologues, “We have self-esteem issues and I’m including myself in this. You would think after 20 years we would develop some sick confidence. We have none. I am not running as President of the United States. Nor am I going to run for Queen of England.”

If anything, Ms. Manson, your poise & whiskey shooting attitude last Thursday, only showed me that you should, by all means, run for The Queen of England. xo

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