The Gipsy Kings Rock The Greek Theatre!

Since I saw my very first concert back in 2001 (Dido!), nothing else has given me the happiness, the rush, the hope, that drunk ‘buzz’ feeling while completely sober, like a great live performance. While I will have never seen enough concerts (there’s always more to catch, or some I am sad to miss), I have definitely seen a wonderful fair share over the years.

While my favorites to catch live are definitely Tori Amos (9 times I’ve seen her now!) or those that are in the rock genre (Smashing Pumpkins, My Bloody Valentine), many are often surprised at another must-see group for me: The Gipsy Kings!


I admit, they’re not a band I rock out to in the car, or know every song….I don’t even think I own a CD of theirs, they’re one of the most breathtaking, phenomenal performers to see before your eyes, & they are doing something right as they’re on their 25th anniversary tour & they did not disappoint when I saw them this past Saturday at The Greek Theatre.

I first had the pleasure of seeing The Gipsy Kings 10 years ago at The Santa Barbara Bowl; I won tickets on the radio & had no idea what to expect. I left in awe at how awesome their show was. The only difference from 2004? They had an opening guest this time around, which doesn’t surprise me because I could not fathom putting on the 2 plus hour show that they did back then.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Reyes.
Photo courtesy of Melissa Reyes.

My Blog-Venture partner in crime, Melissa from MizMeliz, joined me for this fabulous evening. I could not think of a better friend to invite along as Melissa is all about having FUN no matter what you’re doing. It was a very hot Summer evening, so being outside under the stars & among the pine trees that adorn The Greek, with a glass of wine, was the perfect setting. We wore our shorts & didn’t even need jackets. It was classic SoCal! 😉

The Gipsy Kings truly get back to why I love music. I feel like I have been on a bit of a preaching spiel this Summer about my passion for music, but, hey, get ready because I am about to say it again! They represent to me that music is UNIVERSAL. It’s what you feel from the energy, the vibes. Although everything these men are singing is in Spanish, & I don’t speak a word of Spanish, I am still moved & leave their show feeling so energized.

A huge factor to that great energy is their AUDIENCE! You do not attend a Gipsy Kings show to stay in your seat. Their concerts are all about celebration, & dancing. From the little girl behind me, to the senior gentleman next to me, everyone is there to have a great, lively time.

Make sure to check if The Gipsy Kings are headed to your city, & there’s still plenty more coming to The Greek Theatre, through October! xo

(*Disclosure: I was invited to attend The Gipsy Kings on behalf of this review. All opinions, as always, are my own)


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