Gluten Free at Fashion Island!

I love spending time with my Mom. Always have, always will. When we decided we were over due for a Sunday Fun Day, we decided to check out one of SoCal’s most famous shopping centers, Fashion Island of Newport Beach. What makes this haven an “island”, you may wonder? Well, it is minutes from the ocean, complete with a magnificent view from the steps down to the parking lot, for starters.

Having been down there for a fabulous night at True Foods a few years back, I knew they had at-least one amazing gluten-free (& Vegan!) restaurant, beyond there? Who cares, True Foods is outrageous 😉 My opinion aside, if you’re in search of another eatery, luckily, Fashion Island has you so covered, that you may want to settle in for a few days at one of their on-site hotels like Pelican Hill or The Island.

Wahoo's Bonsai Bowl
Wahoo’s Bonsai Bowl

If its Italian (& gluten-free) you crave, there’s California Pizza Kitchen or Blaze Pizza. Sushi? Japanese? Not only do they boast Blue C Sushi & Hana Grill, they’ve got a Sushi Roku on its way, too (Have you HAD their sesame spicy salmon hand-roll?!). Something more health conscious, veggie friendly? Head on over to Lemonade, True Foods or Whole Foods Market. Traditional? Meat-y? The Yard House or Flemings is at your service. And, lets not overlook The Atrium Food Court, where, as a matter of fact, we got lunch. While Wahoo’s Fish Tacos are another staple to SoCal, I never had inquired about their tolerance of gluten-free diners.

While they have one main kitchen & in no way can guarantee the risk of cross-contamination, they were VERY accommodating! Our Server showed me a gluten-free menu they have, & when what I really wanted was not on it, The Tofu Bonsai Bowl, he was still able to get it to me, sans the teriyaki sauce. It was delicious, & surprisingly, still flavorful, without any added sauce.

And, lets not forget…dessert at the island! My gluten-free vote goes to Casey’s Cupcakes, which has become not only the latest OC trend, but, quickly, the latest USA trend; reality star & Cupcake Wars winner, Casey Reinhardt began her cupcake domination following her successes & has gone on to become a darling of Orange County. Her cupcakes are works of art & the interior of her pink, white & black world draws you right on in. A gluten-free flavor is available daily & I lucked out with Red Velvet.

Its all pink at Casey’s!


Another sweet spot is cookie favorite, ‘Lette Macaroons; which are all made out of almond flour & should only contain wheat if the flavor calls for it like ‘Cookie Dough’, anything ‘bread’, etc. Always make sure to ask if you have gluten-free concerns, because let me assure you, they will be so worth it when you have a gluten-free flavor! I have loved macaroons since going GF in particular since they’re naturally free of wheat flour; it doesn’t feel like an ‘altered’ dessert just for us, its naturally made gluten-free!

Not only are there countless choices of great food, but, Fashion Island is a must-see for anyone coming to California; It will completely feel like you’re in Southern California with all the eye candy of outfits, accessories, decked out pets & toddlers with iPads. Everyone looks extra gorgeous & who wouldn’t as we window shop by the beach?! Get more info here.

What is your favorite shopping center, & why? 🙂 xo

(*Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Fashion Island of Newport Beach, this post is not sponsored.)


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