Gluten Free Galore!

Is it me, or is gluten free food really popping up EVERYWHERE for us?! Over the weekend, I had a great getaway over in Parker, Arizona (Border of CA) & was pleased as pie to discover their Safeway had quite a good selection of GF offerings; crackers, breakfast bars, cereal, frozen foods, etc (except, no luck finding a frozen pizza).

Then, I admit, I got a bit too excited to find my local Wal-Mart also has a HUGE section of GF goodies now, woot!! We’re talking chocolate sandwitch cookies, crackers, brownie & cake mix, pretzels, pasta(!), crutons, other cookies, rice cakes, cereals & more. I saved a trip to Whole Foods since they had all the things I needed to grab there….slightly cheaper, too!;-)

Recently, Dominoes Pizza unveiled a GF pizza, too. I have not had it, but I love all these options for us who need to avoid gluten & more chains are recognizing what strong consumers we are.

Where are you finding GF yummies? Or, where are you not? I would be interested to know where you have most randomly come across your favorite snack, or if you’re struggling to find what you need, how you are dealing.

In other exciting marketing news…Trader Joes had free scratch ‘n sniff stickers today! xo


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  1. Garland Dewoody

    November 4, 2012 at 11:35 am

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