Greetings from the River!

Last weekend I had the fun of going on my 2nd girls getaway to Parker, California….& Parker, Arizona!;-) My great friend Erin (I speak of her alot…but in-case you’re just joining my program, shes over at annually invites her friends to join her out at her familys river house for a fun weekend in the sun.  My other awesome friend, Jamie (have you checked out yet?) was there as well as Deanna from & Chio…whom I do not think has a blog for me to tell you to go over to (get cool, Chio & start a blog! J/K!). We 5 had such a great time & I always love a trip that by the end of it everyone is still speaking;-)

I love traveling & seeing much as I can before I die. Let me warn you, though: Its HOT over there!!! & make sure you’re prepared to SWIM well if you jump out of your floaty to try to keep from floating too far away…I was not but thank God for Jamie & Erin seeing I needed help:-( Don’t you hate it when you think you can do something yet when you’re surprised to do it, you cannot, out of fear?? Thats in part what happened, along with too much water being released from the dam that day for a race. First they see me trying to bike ride again after years of not, now they may think I cannot swim, either;-)

We gals know how to have a good time, as we did Saturday night! On the surface, Parker looks like it does not have much going on, but that town knows how to party it up & we were out til around 3! They have their casino, which now has a great cantina (Psst…get the tequila sunrise…3 bux, yo) & across the river are 2 hot spots, The Pirates Den (reminded me of Disney’s Pirates…wheres Capt. Sparrow?!) & The Road Runner, which yes, has the famous Looney Tunes character gracing their walls! They have a famous drink for 15 dollars Jamie bought for us all to share, & you get to keep the mug…whats just in it?? nobody knows;-) It tasted like grown up hawaiian punch to me, though.

By Sunday, I think we all were a little hot & cranky & feeling our alcohol! But that didn’t stop us from having a great morning of oatmeal-rice flour pancakes (when I heard they were gluten free for me, how could I not try them??) topped with whipped cream & enough topping choices to make a crepe cafe jealous, then heading over to Lake Havasu City, with the famous London Bridge!

On our ride home, we made friends!!! Wild burros are all over out there, & we got to get up close & personal with a family, including their baby–can you say AWWW?!;-)

And, last but SO NOT LEAST, I really want to thank my friends again for making sure I get to enjoy whatever they’re having despite my gluten free diet. I cannot tell you how much it warms my heart that you take the time to factor something in that I might not eat (like lasagna) yet make it GF for me. I feel really special & blessed to have great people in my life:-) xoxo


  1. ishooteditnblog

    June 15, 2012 at 3:41 pm

    Great shots ! Well taken! =)

  2. jamiegall1930

    June 15, 2012 at 4:14 pm

    It was definitely a fun trip =)

  3. chronicallybrave

    June 22, 2012 at 10:07 pm

    Mary! Sounds amazing. So glad you got some good GF food! Hope there were no hidden glutens trying to get to ya. Glad you enjoyed your girl time!!!

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