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Happy fresh new week, peeps! I hope you had a wonderful weekend….and your coffee is strong for your Monday 😉 A few weeks ago, I attended a great class held at General Assembly in Santa Monica; General Assembly is the place to be if you have a passion for the internet and tech world. From web-design courses, to graphic design to social media, General Assembly has certainly proven themselves to be the hot spot for us tech nerds here in LA.

Having yet to make it out to one of their crash courses, I finally did when I heard the unstoppable Lindsay Tredent Mauch would be a leading a Social Media Boot Camp. My firm belief in life is that your peers should be those you want to be like in life; your role models, basically, and Lindsay is one of those peers. The 8 hour class was awesome and I look forward to reporting back in the coming weeks on some tips and tricks learned. This week? A few tid bits for letting PINTEREST build your empire!

You can follow me at https://www.pinterest.com/maryelansing/
You can follow me at https://www.pinterest.com/maryelansing/

So, Pinterest is this super handy web-site that enables readers on websites to share an article or picture they like on the web via Pinterest by “pinning” it to their board and therefore, more eyes see the article. Example:

Say, I read an incredible gluten-free recipe on a site like this one, I mosey on down to the share buttons at the end of the recipe and select that red “P”icon; That takes me to Pinterest and I decide to pin this post to my Food and Recipes board. Easy, right? Well, I have just helped spread the word further on this recipe and web-site.

While I have known many bloggers love Pinterest for its search, keywords and traffic abilities, hearing Lindsay speak of it reminded me that all those who care about social media should be on it, too. When you utilize Pinterest for your blog and web-site and use the right key words, Google will reward you as well as the site itself which has well over 100 million active users….a month. Insane, right? This is why you should be on Pinterest.

When I have had social media clients ask me about Pinterest, I am quick to say: Lets make you a blog tab. Having a web-site with simply a home page, About and Contact is not enough to help you with PInterest. Pinterest thrives on articles with great eye-catching pictures. This is because you need an article for a PInterest user to click onto once your picture on your Pinterest board attracts them.

Some of my boards....
Some of my boards….

Try this exercise….

If you are a writer/blogger: Share an article/post by you and when you see the sharing option appear, there should be a selection of pictures to choose from that are in the article. Choose the best one, put it on a board, ensure there are some good key words (Key words should be simple, nothing fancy. If it’s a travel piece on your time in, say, New York City, use that, as well as NYC, Travel, Manhattan, etc) and click pin. Then, do some re-pinning from similar boards. This will help your article get exposure.

If you don’t have a web-site with articles or a blog, try re-pinning some articles and pictures on your boards that are similar to you. Like any other social media channel, you need to put in some time and reciprocation in order to see re-pins, follow backs, etc.

As always, I am available for crash courses, social media management and tutorials if you’re ever interested! Contact me anytime at alongcomesmary26@gmail.com! 🙂



  1. Christine

    April 18, 2016 at 8:04 am

    Thanks for the mention Mary! Hope you have a great week!

    1. AlongComesMary

      April 18, 2016 at 10:50 am

      Sure thing, Christine! I love the recipe! 🙂

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