Love Your Hair with Black Hairspray!

(*Disclosure: Special thanks to Black Hairspray for sponsoring today’s chat! All opinions are my own.)

When I was 5 and entered kindergarten, I always remember the fast friends I made there.  Especially Angel, Mercedes and Portia. They were fascinated with my hair, and I was of theirs. Being the sole Caucasian girl in a class room filled with African-American girls, I always recall the time Portia and I got sent to the principal’s office and had to wait for our Moms to pick us up as I let Portia spend our recess in the bathroom. Washing my hair! I don’t remember the logistics (I am guessing she just liked my blonde hair??) but I do remember always asking my Grandma to give me braids like Angel had (which I learned later were corn rows).

Fast forward to now, and I still always admire when I see a woman with a fun hair style or color. When the opportunity came up for me to get a new style last week (thanks to my friends Aunt in need of a hair model), I jumped at the chance as my hair has been LONG for a while now. It was fun to have long beach-y waves in Maui, but, I knew the time had come that a few inches needed to go bye bye. The verdict? I freaking LOVE this shorter, shoulder length and layered ‘do!

Now that I am set with a great new haircut, I want to change-up the color. I decided to check out Black Hairspray and was surprised to find that they offer a huge variety of products and hair accessories, even half wigs, for all hair types.

As someone who thinks twice before I just use any beauty products, I was also excited to see that they have a great line of herbal henna products, too. I’ve thought of going darker like this shade below. What do you think?

I love this ‘Brown’ shade available on their website.

While the days are gone of my friends washing my hair in the bathroom, I will tell you this: I still have my Barbie wedding dress that Angel gave me for my 5th birthday! If only I could remember my old friends last names to reach out on good ol’ social media!

Do you use half wigs, color your hair? How’s about Black Hairspray, have you used their products? Let me know your thoughts! xo

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