My First Trip to Universal Studios! #AMaryHoliday

As a LA native, you would be surprised at the amount of California ‘traditions’ I have yet to do. One being, visit Universal Studios Hollywood! Its been on my bucket list for quite a while as I love Psycho & have long heard one of the must-see’s of their back lot tour is seeing The Bates Motel. Well, guess what my boy treated me to for my Christmas gift? 😉 We went on Saturday & I had the time of my life!


Their current highlight is Grinchmas, paying homage to How the Grinch Stole Christmas. You get to meet Mr. Bah Hunbug himself, his adorable pup, Max, & see the park transformed as if you’re literally in Whoville. The residents of the town couldn’t be sweeter, & there’s a nightly snowfall perfect for a romantic moment or the child who has yet to see snow.

We ‘accidentally’ started out at the attraction in Stage 13….The House of Horrors. Which seemed innocent enough, the lobby has parts from The Thing, & a Chucky doll…then, as you enter a dark room, a greeter tells you to have fun, but alerts you to not touch the ‘actors’ & they will not touch or grab you–actors? Why are there actors? I thought. My friends, this is a maze of HELL! Literally! I was subjected to walking through some of the darkest halls I have ever seen then finding myself in a Chucky Doll Factory, a real-life Chucky jumping at me, Mother Bates opening a shower curtain with her knife coming towards you & more. Thank goodness Mike held me tight & we hung behind our group, so we knew what was coming then I would walk ever so fast past what ever the heck might be jumping out to us.


Moving on 😉 A must-see for my boyfriend was their Waterworld show. Waterworld? That mediocre 90’s movie?! I was skeptical, but this is one of their most awesome attractions. An outdoor half hour show filled with stunt men, water & fire all right before you. I was amazed as I witnessed men literally on fire as they jumped into the water & actors hanging on to only a wire as they swung to safety across the stage. There are many surprises I won’t tell you about that will have you in awe if you get to see Waterworld.


Next up, the tram tour! Anyone visiting LA or if you are local like moi & just not done this yet, GO. It’s amazing to see how many of the films we love were filmed right here, all with fiber glass buildings & special effects created. My favorite parts were the new King Kong 3D; we’re taken through a tunnel & Director Peter Jackson asks us to put on our 3D glasses (above) & we then return to Skull Island. We see The Ape himself as he fights off dinosaurs that could easily take out our tram. The effects are amazing. There were many youngsters & babies on the tour, but they did not seem scared. I would feel ok taking a child on the tour, but do know, everyone is taken on the King Kong segment, so some parents may want to hold off if their kids get scared easily.

Jaws, Western towns, Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, New York City & once again, Whoville, are just afew of the other stops you will make on the ride! & psst, when you go by The Bates Motel, you might just see Norman peering out from the front desk, awaiting your arrival 😉

Something else I just loved, the RIDES! We went on The Simpsons, Transformers, The Mummy & Jurassic Park. My favorite was probably The Simpsons, like with Transformers, these are amazing 3D rides. The Simpsons, you actually never leave the room you’re in, but their effects to make it feel like a crazy roller coaster ride in a car to save Springfield was truly impressive.


Universal Studios is currently running a great deal; buy a day for Grinchmas, get a pass for 2014! Can you beat that?! Mike & I will be there much next year, & I hope to see you! 🙂 xo


(*All pictures by my boyfriend. Not Mary.)

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