My new favorite snack….Sahale Snacks!

pomegranateMy Dear Readers…if you follow my posts at all, wouldn’t you say I am a bit of a “gusher”? That if I like a product, or am passionate about something I am writing about, I use lots of exclamation points, & use words like “love” throughout my post?? Well, I feel that I am….& whether or not you agree with this statement, GET READY!;) Because I really, really LOVE the Sahale nuts I was offered to review….I am hoping by the end of reading this piece you want to race out & try ’em for yourself at your local Wal-Mart, Whole Foods or, heck, be like Mary & order a 6 pack of their Nut Blends via their web-site!;)

So! Sahale Snacks, pronounced Sa-ha-lee, was founded in 2003 by Seattle residents, Josh Schroeter & Edmond Sanctis. After a rigorous climb up Mt. Rainier, the men went to “enjoy” the trail mix & energy bars they had brought along. They were blah. Stale. Uninspiring. Thus, a delicious thought was born & soon came Sahale. With the motto, “Snack Better” they created nuts, crackers & ‘crunchers’.
All products have natural ingredients & are not just sweet offerings that you often encounter with mid-day snack offerings; you can get a bit of zest in your munch with their pomegranate Pistachios with almonds, cherries….& black pepper! Or, if you DO have a sweet tooth, the Maple Pecans are amazing, with a hint of cinnamon….I literally ‘tried’ my bag & ended up eating them all!


I loved the pistachios, too, just with the pepper hit, make sure to have water handy or a white wine like a Riesling or Rhone Varietal….I think I was drinking a Merlot when I had my first taste;) Which WAS perfect, to me, with the pecans. Sahale recommends pairing them with a Gewürztraminer, which is one of my favorite whites.

These 2 blends are BOTH Gluten Free & Kosher, making for a great guilt free snack that I assure you will be better than any convenient store brand you have!!;)

Any of their foods would make such a great holiday gift; perfect for entertaining, adding to recipes, or simply eating as a midnight snack like yours truly. Check out their site here & let me know what you think! xo

*Disclaimer: I was provided with complimentary bags of Sahale Nuts. Which is to blame for my gushing & new-found favorite snack!

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  1. Susan Cooper/

    December 19, 2012 at 4:23 pm

    Ok I’m now VERY interested in try this. The fact is I love nuts and these sound especially good. Thanks for your gushing review… hee, hee. 🙂

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