My Word for 2016 (finally)!


This is my fourth installment in the annual, fun post many bloggers do: their Word of the Year. While my first two years writing this post proved extremely fun and easy as I chose words that truly reflected both my goals and hopes, as well as how my year had been, my 2016 word proved a bit difficult.

2015 was an extraordinary year for me and definitely incorporated my previous words: Persistent, Cheers and Onward, but this time around, I needed something to reflect my happiness. Yes, things are not always perfect, but, lately, in general? They’re pretty damn close as I have this blog,  my social media business, the best Fiance a girl could ask for, my dogs, family and great friends. I’m beyond humble when I look around at the state of the world and even those close to me, and I see so many obstacles they face and I don’t understand why we cannot all have more happiness.

One thing I have definitely found, even when times have been far from good for me, is to stay true to myself, relish in the great moments and try to always be positive and have fun. Which brings me to my word for 2016…..

Drum rolls, please:


I spent much too much time online trying to come up with an original, unusual word to describe how happy my life has been, and how I intend to keep it just like that, just get even better (if possible!). In a very cliché LA moment, I was at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, where I love to check out their wonderful book section, and one of my most favorite books, The Power of Myth: Bill Mohers talks to Joseph Campbell, it hit me that I am finally pursuing and living my life as I choose. I am finally less intimidated at ‘following my bliss,’ as Campbell preached we all must do, until his death.
I  have felt extremely happy, hopeful, in awe, and hope that the Universe is as much on my side as I often swear it must be.

Earlier this year, I needed to make some large changes in my employment life, and I was scared. Who wouldn’t be? No one wants to leave a position that keeps food on the table and makes it possible to live. I was thankful for Mike’s support in these changes.

This is where I think the Universe comes in. Countless times this year, when I am doubting myself as a Blogger, Entrepeneur or simply just a person  trying to get through her day, a sign presents itself, more times than not. It might be an email for an incredible blog opportunity,  or meeting someone interested in my work.

I have been following my bliss. And, it seems to be working.

My outlook for 2016 will certainly continue to try to live and enjoy my life to the fullest. It’s all about the little things, and not sweating the big stuff, too. Life goes on. New days come. I am trying to remember this more.

What are you doing to follow your BLISS? Do you know what yours is? It has taken me time to truly figure this out; at the moment, I feel I know what mine is, yet, a new path could present its self at any moment. My word of the year will remind me to follow whatever I seek, and accept new adventures and passions as they come! xo

    1. AlongComesMary

      January 1, 2016 at 7:37 pm

      You too, Natalie!!!

  1. Jennifer

    January 2, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Great word Mary! I hope to follow my bliss more often in 2016. 🙂

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