My Word for 2016 (finally)!


This is my 4th installment in the annual, fun post many bloggers do: their Word of the Year. While my first 2 years writing this post proved extremely fun & easy for me as I chose words that truly reflected both my goals & hopes, as well as how my year had been, my 2016 word proved a bit difficult.
2015 was an extraordinary year for me & definitely incorporated my previous words: Persistent, Cheers & Onward, but this time around, I needed something to reflect my happiness. Yes, things are not always perfect, but, lately, in general? They’re pretty damn close as I have this blog,  my social media business, the best Fiance a girl could ask for, my dogs, family & great friends. I am beyond humble when I look around at the state of the world & even those close to me, & I see so many obstacles they face & I don’t understand why we cannot all have more happiness.

One thing I have definitely found, even when times have been far from good for me, is to stay true to myself, relish in the great moments & try to always be positive & have fun. Which brings me to my word for 2016…..

Drum rolls, please:


I spent much too much time online trying to come up with an original, unusual word to describe how happy my life has been, & how I intend to keep it just like that, just get even better (if possible!). In a very cliché LA moment, I was at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, where I love to check out their wonderful book section, & one of my most favorite books, The Power of Myth: Bill Mohers talks to Joseph Campbell, it hit me that I am finally pursuing & living my life as I choose. I am finally less intimidated at ‘following my bliss’, as Campbell preached we all must do, until his death.
I  have felt extremely happy, hopeful, in awe, & hope that the Universe is as much on my side as I often swear it must be.

Earlier this year, I needed to make some large changes in my employment life, & I was scared. Who wouldn’t be? No one wants to leave a position that keeps food on the table & makes it possible to live. I was thankful for Mike’s support in these changes.

This is where I think the Universe comes in. Countless times this year, when I am doubting myself as a Blogger, Entrepeneur or simply just a person  trying to get through her day, a sign presents itself, more times than not. It might be an email for an incredible blog opportunity,  or meeting someone interested in my social media services,

I have been following my bliss. And, it seems to be working.

My outlook for 2016 will certainly continue to try to live & enjoy my life to the fullest. It’s all about the little things, & not sweating the big stuff, too. Life goes on. New days come. I am trying to remember this more.

What are you doing to follow your BLISS? Do you know what yours is? It has taken me time to truly figure this out; at the moment, I feel I know what mine is, yet, a new path could present its self at any moment. My word of the year will remind me to follow whatever I seek, & accept new adventures & passions as they come! xo



    1. AlongComesMary

      January 1, 2016 at 7:37 pm

      You too, Natalie!!!

  1. Jennifer

    January 2, 2016 at 9:12 am

    Great word Mary! I hope to follow my bliss more often in 2016. 🙂

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