Santa Clarita’s BBQ and Beer Festival! (Guest Post)

(Editor’s note: Say hi to my friend, Lisa! Lisa just began her blog over at Lisa’s Hodge Podge and cannot wait to share her adventures with the world. In the meantime, I am thrilled she was my contributor and covered the BBQ and Beer Festival in Santa Clarita for me, Enjoy her recap! xo, Mary)


On Friday, May 6th, I ventured out to the BBQ and Beer Festival in Santa Clarita, California. The event was held in Central Park and that was a perfect venue for it. The park is huge and could fit the continuously long line of people waiting to eat and drink till their heart’s content.

As my brother and I entered, we were given a souvenir beer tasting glass. With our entry, we were able to taste as many beers as we wanted, and had live entertainment.

The first thing I would like to say is, they should have changed the name to the Beer and BBQ festival since there was way more beer. We came hungry and were expecting to our choice of amazing food to eat and then sample some beers. Unfortunately, there were only 4 places to choose from when it came to food. There was a food truck with chicken and pulled pork. There was a tent that served kababs and rice bowls, and a tent that has chicken strips and garlic fries. We chose the last tent that specialized in tri-tip, Low n Slo Grillin. We ordered the tri-tip quesadilla. Overall, it was good. I, however, do not like overly fatty meats, and this tri-tip had its share of fatty parts. They did give us their homemade hot sauce, which was amazing!
We then sampled some beer. Me, not being a beer drinker, looked for anything that I would enjoy. I found one booth that had something I know I would like: Crabbie’s Ginger Beer! They offered two flavors: ginger beer and raspberry ginger beer. We tried the raspberry and it was delicious! It tasted like raspberry soda.
My brother sampled Shock Top and said he liked it. It is very similar to Blue Moon, which he loves. He also sampled a pale ale from Pizza Rev called Omission. It is gluten-free and he said it was very tasty.
We didn’t stay for much longer due to the weather. It was freezing (for a Southern Californian that is) and it looked like it was going to pour any second. Under different weather conditions, I would have stayed and enjoyed the music.
Next time, I would like to sample all the food instead of picking just one place. I think I might have found other tasty things to snack on 🙂
(*Disclosure: Along Comes Mary was invited to The BBQ and Beer Festival on behalf of this feature. All opinions and photography are the author’s own.)
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