Just Grab & Go at Seattle’s Amazon Go Store

When in Seattle, one must do all those cliche things like Starbucks and Nordstrom. The newest staple to hit the town? A little online store called Amazon. Not only are the Amazon headquarters there but they recently unveiled the very first Amazon Go store. At Amazon Go, you can get many of your everyday groceries or pop in for a grab ‘n go lunch. Sounds like a mini-mart, no? Well, leave it to Amazon to take make their shop a whole lot cooler than a 7-11.

At Amazon Go, you simply go in, grab your necessities and walk out. No cashier, no payment exchanged, nada. It’s an introverts dream and I must say, as someone who was trying to see as much as she could on her one short day in the Emerald City, it was extremely convenient.

Amazon Go: The Ultimate Grab ‘n GO

Not terribly far from Pike Place Market, Amazon Go is centrally located on 7th Avenue. As I pulled up in my Uber, what I was most struck with was how small it appeared. Coming in at just under 1300 square feet, it still manages to give the variety and appetizing appeal of New York’s Fairway Markets.

Prior to entering through the check point, you must download the Amazon Go app, log into your account and add a credit card. When your app is open, you simply scan your bar code at the entrance. As I made my way in, I definitely could hear Michael Jackson’s Somebody’s Watching Me playing in my head.

There were not many aisles to cruise, but they had a handful. As well as an impressive beer and wine section. If you’re thinking, can anyone buy alcohol?! Rest assured, they have an attendant in this department that you must go through to purchase alcohol.

To be expected, they had a vast variety of healthful and gluten-free foods. Lots of vegan options and pre-packed sandwiches, salads and wraps. All their grab and go options are made by in-house chefs as well as choices from various local bakeries and cafes. As far as the prices, think Whole Foods. Definitely not fast-food.


Just Walk Out

I knew I had to buy something (story research!). I grabbed a bag of turkey jerky and headed out. That was it. There definitely were some Jetsons moments. I decided to have some of my snack and charge my phone for a bit in their adjoining rest area with some tables, chairs, restrooms. I noticed the transaction didn’t appear on my app. As soon as I exited and was back on the street, it appeared.  Pretty crazy.

Something I’ve been asked, are there any employees? Indeed. Many associates are on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Amazon Go is an extremely clever and convenient store that only the online moguls could dream up.  I’ll definitely visit on my next visit to the city and you should, too. Learn more about Seattle and plan your visit HERE.

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