Snapchat Basics 101. #SocialMediaMonday

Add me at AlongComesMary26 on Snapchat!
Add me at AlongComesMary26 on Snapchat!


Happy Monday, folks! Its been awhile since a #SocialMediaMonday installment. I have been talking Snapchat with a lot of friends and thought I would break down some basics of it. “What is it? How do you use those silly filters? Isn’t Snapchat just for sexy photos between lovers?!” are some common questions I get…..

SNAPCHAT is actually pretty cool. Whether you are a teenager, millennial, business owner, even a Mom, everyone can have fun with Snapchat. This free smart phone app allows you to snap a picture, select filters that range from a new color tone to a “Geofilter”, which means this filter is promoting where you are, a store you are in (Sephora has a fun one) or perhaps an event you are attending.


Once you download the app, you will go through all the norm when making a new account: Create your username, password, the usual. When you’re at last on Snapchat and in picture-taking mode, start playing! When you snap a selfie, go ahead and start swiping your finger left to see your available filters. See one you like but want to use more than one? Hold your thumb on the image, then continue swiping.

Other options are adding emoji’s, writing free hand and adding text. These are available in the upper right hand corner:  The first is where you can add multiple emoji’s, a lot are really unique and go beyond your smiley and sad faces. Next up is that capitol “T” which will give you large text to add (Think, “Wish you were here!” Or “Hey Friend!”, etc) then the third is the free hand pen, which you can change up the shade on the color chart that will appear once tapping the pen.

I do alot of wine and music snaps.
I do a lot of wine and music snaps.

NOW, probably one of the top reasons people are currently joining Snapchat: Those crazy, silly fun filters that can make you a panda, police officer, even Marilyn Monroe. When my friend, Holly, began doing this, I just had to get in on this fun. For this trick, simply be in selfie mode and hold your finger down on your screen where your face is.

At the bottom of the picture, you will see options pop up to scroll through. Begin the fun! As each option appears in the snap button, the filter will show up on your face. These filters change daily, and sometimes will be promoting events like a new movie or a celebrity’s birthday.

If its one that would be even better as a video, just hold your thumb on the snap button and the app goes into recording mode (Up to 10 seconds). This is how you record on Snapchat, BTW.

Fun with animal filters.
Fun with animal filters.
I really love this one.
I really love this one.

Still with me? 😉

If its not a selfie you’re wanting to send, maybe a picture of your pet? Record your kid’s softball match? Totally awesome, too. When not in selfie mode, all of these tips (except for the selfie filters like becoming a cowboy or a baby lamb) still apply.

Now, How do I send these darn snaps?! Once your snap is captured, there will be a self explanatory arrow pointing to the right, in the lower right hand corner. Hit that, and your contacts as well as “My Story” will show.

Simply select who you want to send your masterpieces and self portraits to. You can send to as many as you’d like, PLUS add to My Story. What are the benefits of this? Say something is super funny or exciting you want everyone in your contacts to see, definitely add that to your story. If a certain friend will especially love this video or picture, and you’re not sure how often they check Snapchat, send it to their name, as well.

How fun it was to get live photos from my friend, Holly, in England, at a Bruce Springsteen show!
How fun it was to get live photos from my friend, Holly, in England, at a Bruce Springsteen show!

Items added to My Story only stay there for 24 hours. Something sent to an individual stays until they open it 😉

And, the biggest reason users love their Snapchats: The ability to see something, then it vanishes forever. While thats the harsh reality of life, sometimes, you really want to save a cool picture. Luckily, just screen shot it as you look at it to save. Act fast, though! If the picture goes away, its gone (Unless you can see on someone’s My Story).

As always, I am available for crash courses, social media management and tutorials if you’re ever interested! Contact me anytime at and lets chat about Snapchat!

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