The Sound of Music Singalong at The Hollywood Bowl!


So, for as long as I can remember, every year I say I am going to attend The Sound of Music sing along at The Hollywood Bowl. Then? Every Summer flies past me and I do not attend. Luckily, when I sighed last season and thought, “next year”, I was serious!  Last Friday was the event to be at and thanks to Jaime from Polka Dots on Parade, we made it happen!

Jaime, if you do not know her yet, is one of the absolute sweetest people. I have known her through the blogsphere for years yet, alas, had not met this warrior, who recently beat her stage 4 breast cancer. Needless to say, it was awesome to at last meet her in real life and get one of those powerful hugs I have heard she is famous for. Along with her beautiful friend, Leanne, off we went into the bowl.

The Sound of Music sing along is one of the most popular events The LA Phil puts on annually. It’s almost always a sell out, and the cosplay, outfits and love put into the hardcore fans attending, is beyond admirable. Before I even entered the venue, I had seen countless nuns, yodelers, play clothes made out of curtains, even a human champagne bottle. People go all out and its awesome.

Snapchatting at GreenEyedMary!
Snapchatting at GreenEyedMary!

At 6:30, they begin their pre-show costume parade. If you have ever dreamed of “performing” on the historic stage, this is your chance. Fans, young and old, line up for their moment to shine on stage with host, Melissa Peterman (Remember her on Reba?). Peterman was phenomenal in her ability to keep the energy high and treat each nun or “Gretel” she introduced as if it was her first time. Children will definitely remember this moment from their life and how special Peterman treated them!

The best part was when they announced the grand prize winner, a little Baroness that could not have been more than 3 or 4. She won her family a European cruise! 🙂

Girls night!
Girls night!

As the sun set and the film began, the crowd went wild. I have always been one to not necessarily get into all the hooting and hollering for a film. The cast is on a screen. It’s not theatre, why make a fuss? (Ok, I did make an exception when The Force Awakens began) yet, this was different. Being in The Hollywood Bowl and hearing a few thousand people cheer for Maria Von Trapp as she ran up that Austrian mountain to exclaim that the hills are alive, was quite an experience.

I also was impressed at how well I knew these songs! I felt like I was on Broadway from my second to last row seat (no, seriously, we were that high) as I sang such classics as “How do you Solve a Problem like Maria?” and “Do Re Mi”. I admit, I got teary eyed at My Favorite Things. This is one of my favorite songs, since I was a kid.


Having not seen this film, in its entirety, in YEARS, I realized for the first time in my life just how precise, beautiful and brilliantly done The Sound of Music is. Of course, most already know this. The lush back drops of Salzburg, Julie Andrews’ portrayal as the innocent, rosy eyed Maria to Christopher Plummer’s stern ways as Captain Von Trapp. Everyone was truly remarkable in this film.

While this sing along is in the record books til next year, I hope it is a new tradition to attend with Jaime and Leanne! xo

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