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Happy…day? I don’t know about you, but these quarantine days are beginning to seem like one BIG day. It felt good to promote some favorite cities last week on Along Comes Mary’s Support Local series. I’m back on this Easter weekend with a new installment and am excited to introduce to you another place that’s incredibly close to my heart. Much like that feeling I get of “home” in Georgia, I felt while on the sacred grounds of Taos.

New Mexico’s eclectic community of passionate artists, collectors, and healers, Taos offers a haven for the open-minded and old souls. Having made it through for some of their thriving ski seasons, Taos, like many small and tight-knit communities, needs our help to stay afloat.

While my previous posts had a mix of local options like restaurants offering takeout, today I’d like to focus on the several small shops and businesses, as well as their owners, for our Taos installment. This can also ensure everyone, no matter near or far can join in on giving Taos some love!

Support Local in Taos
Support the Artists of Taos

When I arrived in Taos, little did I know that notable names from far and wide flock to the North New Mexican city for its artistic inspiration. One of our first stops was to meet Susanna Starr of Starr Interiors. A beloved shop in town that also carries yarns and supplies, Susanna has operated Starr Interiors since 1974 and traveled countless times to Oaxaca, Mexico, where Susanna works with the local weavers and purchases for her business.

While Starr Interiors is currently closed at their stunning location on Paseo del Pueblo Norte, check out their website HERE. You might just be inclined to give them a call and order a new rug or piece for your home because let’s face it: we’re home a lot right now and want to look at all the pretty things, am I right?

Speaking of pretty things, another highlight of visiting Taos was our Artisan Walking Tour with local artist, David Mapes. I particularly connected to the paintings and sculptures you’ll find at Jones Walker. While one might assume “high end” when they hear art galleries, what I loved at this cozy gallery was the vast variety of fine art to fit nearly any budget. From this adorable (and inexpensive) wooden horse to spruce up your office, or the more elaborate work of gallery co-owner, Max Jones, there’s an “art” style for everyone in Taos, and you’ll discover that quickly at Jones Walker.

Mapes is also no stranger to fine art. His studio, David Anthony, features a stunning blend of fine art paintings, sculptures, and furniture made by Mapes himself. While his studio, like the others in town, is currently closed, you can pay him a visit on his website or if you’re local to Taos, schedule an appointment.

Arriving to Starr Interiors. (c) Mary Farah
Some of the gorgeous pieces inside at Starr. (c) Mary Farah
Max Jones of Jones Walker. (c) Mary Farah
Some of the treats at Chokola.Bean to Bar (c) Mary Farah
Chocolate, Coffee, and Hemp, Oh My!

Purchasing art is a serious business. I highly recommend doing your online shopping from Taos while munching some exquisite chocolate bars from local award-winning, Chokola Bean to Bar.

Chokola owners Debi Vincent and Javier Abad met nearly two decades ago in Venezuela over a mutual love of chocolate. By 2015, Debi and Javi moved to Taos with their young family, became chocolatiers, and opened Chokola to rave reviews. Their cacao beans come from around the world and are produced in small batches. Much like the flavor of wine coming from the terroir, the same goes for chocolate. These are not your “drug store” candy bars; you may never look back!

Chokola is continuing with online sales as well as a fun #ChokolaAtYourDoorStep campaign for the locals.

As you might recall, I consider myself a bit of a coffee snob. This has only heightened as I’ve cut it back in my diet. Thank goodness Taos had some of the best I’d had in a long while at the Coffee Apothecary. Specialty coffee roasters on the outskirts of town, take advantage of their Stay at Home Sale and enjoy 20 percent off their bagged coffees. Get the espresso blend, El Capitan, HERE.

As I’ve mentioned, a true highlight of my time in Taos was connecting with their community. A real light to the town is Kristin DiFerdinando, founder and healer at Wumanti Native Earth Sanctuary. Better known by the locals as Gemma Ra’Star, DiFerdinando manages a beautiful non-profit helping treat people with the powerful components of hemp.

With its powerful and vast healing elements, DiFerdinando has devoted her life to helping others and healing the planet. Wumanti’s website has a plethora of medicinal, plant-based treatments that are certainly beneficial during these anxious times. Check out her website and get in touch; she’s one of the people that made Taos feel like home to me.


Whether you’re distant or local to Taos, they’re one of many many towns deserving of some extra “love” right now. Together, we can keep small businesses going during our pause. Find out more and other shops offering online services HERE.

Where will you support local this weekend?

  1. Linda Milks

    April 11, 2020 at 6:21 pm

    You hit some of the best parts of Taos. I loved the art galleries and of course, what could be wrong with that amazing chocolate shop. The weaving shop was fascinating.

    1. AlongComesMary

      April 14, 2020 at 9:42 am

      Thank you so much, Linda!

  2. Stacey Wittig

    April 23, 2020 at 12:30 pm

    I like that: “Support Local from Anywhere!”

    1. AlongComesMary

      April 23, 2020 at 6:41 pm

      Thanks, Stacey! <3

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