The LA Food Fest Returns and Chance to win 2 Tickets from Along Comes Mary

Summer is winding down faster than I would like. While I don’t exactly love the heatwaves we’ve had, I love all opportunities be outside in LA. Preferably at a food and wine festival. Lucky for us Angelinos, the LA Food Fest will return at its […]

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The Snow Queen Brings her Shivering Ways to Canyon Theatre Guild

Living in Los Angeles, people will often assume that all of the celebrity sightings and Hollywood shenanigans go down in, well, Hollywood. That’s not always the case. Sure, Hollywood is home to the stars but did you know several studios and filming sets are in […]

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The Mysterious Genius that is PJ Harvey gives her all at the Greek Theatre

While some artists thrive on selling out arenas, writing Top 10 singles and ensuring that fans can continuously see them in the spotlight, others out there appear to have mastered the craft at creating a cult-like following. Perhaps, not known by everyone you cross on […]

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