To Blog or Not to Blog on Your Web-site? #SocialMediaMonday


Something I have noticed more frequently with business web-sites are a blog tab. Every one seems to be jumping on the blogging wagon & I think it is always a great thing, as long as you keep your content current. Much like my advice with your Facebook page (Not only have one, but be active on it), same goes for your web-site & a blog page. This is your chance to really let YOUR voice shine for your business; whether you are running a clothing boutique or a hardware store, I think there is always some benefit to blogging & connecting with your clients.


If this is your concern, don’t let it intimidate you. Blog posts do not have to be a novel. A simple “Happy February!” with some highlights of the previous month or maybe alerting your clients to an upcoming sale, is enough to keep them happy & intrigued. Look at it this way: Are you more apt to shop at the business that keeps in-touch with you even when you’re not in the shop, or the one you never hear from, you don’t have a relationship with the employees, you just go when you go & are clueless to whats up at the establishment? Thought so.

A blog page on your businesses’ web-site could simply be some fun in-store photos 3 times a month. Or, maybe you had someone notable come to visit & want to brag about it. Has a team member recently had a baby, gotten married, graduated? Showcase them on the blog; your team will appreciate the acknowledgement & your customers will be excited for their favorite employee.


Consider posts that let your peeps in on a sale, or something special only your readers will be in the know about; maybe a special promo word or a free gift if you mention you read the blog.


Some good examples of blogs for a business are Faces by Fern & The Los Angeles Womens Theatre Festival (posts on the latter are by yours truly).

I hope these tips inspire you to start blogging, either for your business or just for fun. Blogging & writing gives me so much joy, I’m always here if you’d like to chat further about social media & what I can do to further your business! Email at 🙂





  1. Susan Cooper

    January 29, 2016 at 9:17 pm

    Hi Mary, I agree with you. I like a company that keeps in touch. It doesn’t have to be something earth shattering, just a little heads up of what they’ve got going on with their business, in their store, sales, recipes, etc. what I don’t like however, is when that contact feels like a constant pushy sales plug. It is a fine line. 🙂

  2. Pat

    January 31, 2016 at 12:30 pm

    Some good advice, Mary. I haven’t been as active blogging lately and keeping up with social media. Perfect nudge to get moving again. Thank You!

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