What to See in Southern Oregon!

In this ongoing series sharing with you all that I possibly can on my recent trip to Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon with The International Food, Writers & Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA), I am today sharing with you some recommendations surrounding Medford, Oregon & nearby Central Point. Read on & I hope you enjoy! xo

STAY/EAT (& coffee, too)

While some may feel The Inn at the Commons is a great local, simple hotel in Medford, do NOT let it fool you as some of my favorite meals were at this very location. While guests can enjoy an ample buffet breakfast each morning (eggs, bacon, bagels, fruit, oatmeal, coffee, juice, tea, & it goes on), everyone visiting the gorgeous Rogue Valley can enjoy the treats to be had at Larks Restaurant. I had a phenomenal brunch at Larks, with my entrée being a Smoked Salmon Hash Scramble. Yes, that is as great as it sounds. Larks is open for lunch & dinner, as well as happy hours & that brunch I cannot stop talking about. (Wait til you try their French pressed coffee from Good Bean Coffee. Some of the best java I have experienced, & this is based on drinking for nearly 20 years!)

Lily Belle


Lilly Belle Chocolates
Lillie Belle Chocolates


In nearby Central Point, a small “mini mart” so to speak of treasures is to be seen out on North Front Street off Highway 99. Lets start off with the historic Rogue Valley Creamery Shop. Thriving since the 1930’s, this creamery also has their dairy farm nearby & boast some of the best blue cheeses you will find. Just looking at the countless awards placed throughout their store, it is easy to tell that you are in great hands at The Rogue Valley Creamery.

Next door you will find the chocolate store I now recommend as one of the best I have seen. And, you’re talking to a gal who has been to some amazing candy factories & shops from California to New York. Lillie Belle  Farms Artisan Chocolates was started as a fun little hobby, a whim, by Jeff Shepard. A guitarist at heart, who has toured with such legends as The Grateful Dead, asked his daughter, Lillie, & his wife, Belle, if he could name some homemade truffles after them & try his hand at selling them at the local framers market. Fast forward 10 years later, & you have one of the best chocolatiers in Oregon with his very own store front.  Producing such wild truffles as tequila infused & raspberry marzipan, this shop is both eclectic & making some fabulous creations. A stop for all!

The awesome-ness inside Lilly Belle.
The awesome-ness inside Lillie Belle.
Rogue Valley Creamery
Rogue Valley Creamery


Along with chocolate & cheese, you will also find a wonderful wine tasting room in the complex. Ledger David Cellars have been producing some of the best Chenin Blanc, Malvasia Bianca, Sangiovese & Tempranillo varietals in Southern Oregon since 2007, I absolutely loved the Sangiovese, which has a special “punch” to it thanks to the tannins. Notes of strawberries made this a great, bright red. All of the whites were outstanding, yet their Chardonnay, with a subtle oak, was just perfect to me. Notes of citrus, pineapple, I appreciated its mild sweetness.

Ledger David Cellars' Tasting Room
Ledger David Cellars’ Tasting Room

Have you been to Southern Oregon? What were your highlights? 🙂



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