Weezer and Panic! At the Disco Rock Orange County.


Growing up, I never understood the fuss about Weezer. I thought of them as most men probably think of Tori Amos; a cliché musician women name drop. I always thought guys trying to act cool, but not too cool, would mention their love of Weezer.

Fast forward? Michael is a fan, and guess who now accepts them as they are and actually enjoys, dare I say, like, Weezer? Yep, folks, me. I was so excited when Mike told me he was able to score us lawn seats to see the 1990’s band of “Buddy Holly” fame, along with fun co-headliner, Panic! At the Disco, this past Saturday night, at Irvine Meadows Amphitheatre.

With the doors opening at 5:30, and the show beginning at 7pm, we headed down to Orange County early to get a good spot on the lawn. Right out the gate? We were informed our lawn chairs that said were alright to bring on the website, were NOT allowed inside for this gig. Not even a towel, or a blanket. Once the show began, we could understand this rule for the lawn as it would be very easy to trip down the long hill of a lawn, but, it would have been cool if their website rules aligned with the actual rules.

Greetings from the lawn!
Greetings from the lawn!

When Panic! At the Disco began, it was very clear to see (and hear) that this band has a dedicated following. Fans singing along, and holding on, to lead vocalist, Brandon Urie’s, every word. Urie has incredible stamina, and knows how to win an audience. His vocal range was all over the place, and when I cringed a bit at his announcement that the band were about to launch into Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, I was pleasantly proven wrong and can see why this band has re-made this classic their own on The Suicide Squad soundtrack. I loved experiencing a whole new generation listen and love Freddie Mercury’s legacy!

While Mike and I questioned if the crowds would die down after Panic! At the Disco, they certainly did not and only seemed to grow more intense as the arena awaited Weezer. I will admit I was surprised at the nearly 20 song set Panic! At the Disco delivered, followed by Weezer’s humble 16 song set….that began well after 10pm.


Selling out stadiums for over 20 years, Weezer definitely gives all that you would expect in a rock show: Good energy, an enthused crowd and nearly every song performed a radio hit. From Hash Pipe to Beverly Hills, and an acoustic take on Island in the Sun and a cover of FUN’s We Are Young, Rivers Cuomo  and Weezer know how to give a great, PG rated concert. Ideal for the teeny boppers and their parents. As well as 90’s alt fans like Mike and myself.

While I would have enjoyed to see opener, Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness (of “Cecilia and the Satellite” radio fame), I was unfortunately detained picking up my pre-ordered T-Shirt in the Sidestep line. Sidestep is a great idea that ahs potential. With this app, you order and pay for event merchandise and “quickly” pick up your order in a Sidestep line adjacent to the souvenir line….guys? People were laughing at us in our “pre-order” line. I got into line well before McMahhon hit the stage, and arrived back to my seat (well, lawn) as he was exiting. I also found the attendant to be very un-professional and anything but speedy once it was my turn.

Weezer and Panic! At the Disco are certainly a great live act, and it was fun to see different generations join together to see these bands. I had a fun time and check them out on their next tour stops in Korea! xo


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