Wordy Wednesday: My Time in New York…

3 years ago today, I left for a trip all on my own to New York City! I cannot believe, really, it has been that long, or that the opportunity to go east happened. I love to tell the story of how it came about, so bear with me if I have told you: I had a pen pal in Luxembourg, Europe, who got an internship with The United Nations, & told me I should come stay with her. Very casual; just an email appeared one day over Summertime, & sure enough, that’s when I was working on the indy film, Halloween Party, as a PA & Stripper Ho (you read right!), & was earning some extra money; that cash went right to a JetBlue ticket.

The Dakota Building
The Dakota Building

My Mom teased me all the time, imitating Rhoda Morgenstern at the intro of her Mary Tyler Moore spin-off series, when she goes, “New York! This is your last chance!” since my first time there, in 2010, was, alas, absolutely horrible. I was depressed. Heartbroken over a boy & had to come home early since I sprained my knee & wasn’t sure if I would ever walk without pain again. It might seem strange, but that 2nd trip was, in a way, to prove to myself I could love New York. That first trip didn’t count.

Brooklyn Bridge!
Brooklyn Bridge!


If you’re looking to travel & explore on your own, I cannot recommend New York City on your own. Sure, you must have your guard on, but, it really is a safe place. I only got mugged twice.


Upon my arrival, as Super Shuttle drove me to my friend’s apartment, this song came on the radio, & I found it fitting…

Starbucks follows me wherever I go...
Starbucks follows me wherever I go…


I really recall my first day in the city, how clichรฉ can we get here, but, my friend wanted to go to a Steampunk fair in Brooklyn, so, we walked the bridge over there. Me! Walking The Brooklyn Bridge! With a good knee! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Another moment you think is a tourist trap til you see for yourself? The Statue of Liberty. When my friend said, “Oh, shes over there”, it truly took my breath away. We were at a good distance, but still. It’s there. In all her glory.

Coincidentally, there was a race for Diabetes going on over The Bridge!
Coincidentally, there was a race for diabetes going on over The Bridge!

Monday morning, I awoke with much excitement: New York City, completely on my own! Something I was looking forward to, was getting a morning coffee & walking to Central Park. I scored since Starbucks was across the street from the apartment, & Central park East was just a few blocks away. I saw The Belvedere Castle, Shakespeare’s Garden & even jumped on a subway headed to Times Square.

Making friends at The Steampunk Faire.
Making friends at The Steampunk Faire.

Tuesday, October 24th, always sticks out as one of my favorite days; I walked from Central park East into West & played on swings, talked to some fun people on their lunch breaks, then found a gluten free pantry shop; oddly, I just came across the info on gluten free restauarnts the shop owner gave me. It was that day I found my beloved, Cafe 82! I think what I loved about The Upper West Side is the neighborhood, close-knit vibes in the middle of the huge city. Thats where the fancy folks, the well to-do reside, where you might spot a celebrity (I wish I’d seen Sarah Jessica Parker or Yoko Ono) & where you’re bound to spot the nannies & mannies. Such great times!

Oh, the snow...
Oh, the snow…

You know what was funny to learn on those 10 days away? How easily I get homesick, & that I am definitely a California Girl. I haven’t been back to NYC since, but, I hope next time I go, my boyfriend is with me, then I won’t get homesick….unless Hammy is not with us ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have you ever done a trip on your own? What did you learn while away? xo

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  1. Susan Cooper

    October 23, 2014 at 8:57 am

    Well I’m glad you had a much better time on your second trip to NYC. It’s always much more fun and less lonely when you have your significant other along. Take him next time and you’ll have a blast!

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