World Premiere of “Leeches” at The Second City Hollywood!

L to R: Julie Raelyn, Romaine Goodlow, Tessa Davis & G. Smokey Campbell.

So, remember back in 2014 when I confessed I had never seen a stand up comedy show, until George Lopez? Well, another form I had not seen is an improv comedy sketch show. Then, last week, I headed out to legendary Second City Hollywood to see “Leeches: Intervention for your Infestation.”

Located in the heart of “The Walk of Fame”, The Second City is no stranger to introducing mass audiences to some of the best comediennes that have lived. Think no further than The Belushi Brothers, Tina Fey, John Candy and Steve Carell. Entering their space, I was in awe at all of the talent and pictures that adorn the club’s walls.

Making its world debut on the Second City Hollywood stage, Leeches is the brain child of Julie Raelyn, a successful actress/writer here in LA. Raelyn conceived this sketch show “while wallowing in a pool of cookie dough ice cream” (her words) and co-wrote the skits with Director, Felicia Cordova.

L to R: Raelyn, Rachel Lamb, Goodlow and Sandy Isaa Balat.
L to R: Raelyn, Rachel Lamb, Goodlow and Sandy Isaa Balat.
Daniel Weiss and Julie Raelyn.
Daniel Weiss, Lamb and Raelyn.

Are you living with a leech? Someone sucking you out of house and home, and your sanity?! Well, a group of people have taken to appearing on Char Reynolds (played by Sandy Isaa Balat) talk show. Char brought to mind a throwback of Sally Jesse Raphael (remember her?!) or a “Oprah” type.

While each ensemble member came on stage with their co-star, er, leech, laughs and giggles arose as this extremely talented cast put their improv skills to work and had the audience laughing the entire 45 minutes of the show.

In between Char’s segment, the real steal of Leeches were the “commercial breaks.” During these commercials, the cast would ask the audience for nouns, objects and create a quick sketch based on the input. A favorite of mine was when Raelyn (joined by Daniel Weiss) had difficulty coming to terms with the death of her rabbit….13 months ago!

Kim Ho, Davis and Goodlow.

With a nearly full house, the cast and creative team of Leeches showed us just how to get rid of any leech in your life…with huge laughs along the way! Heres hoping this new sketch act returns to stage before Summer’s end! xo

(*Disclosure: I was invited to cover Leeches on behalf of this review. All opinions are my own.)

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