Zootopia at Hollywood’s El Capitan Theatre!


There is nothing like a Sunday Fun Day date in Hollywood. Typical of most residents, we live only about a half hour from LA’s “Times Square” style attractions, yet we don’t always get out there to play tourist but, when we do? We go into full-out of towner mode as we compare our feet and hands to the cement blocks at The Chinese Theatre, check out the galore of souvenirs at La La Land and all the other novelty shops and, take in a movie at Disney’s El Capitan Theatre.

When Disney invited me to be a VIP at The El Capitan to check out their 55th animated feature, Zootopia, I could not wait as I’ve heard so many great reviews already about their latest film, which is breaking box office records and having audiences singing and dancing for more!



Upon entering the theatre, VIP’s are treated to their own Zootopia souvenir popcorn bucket and a drink, as well as being able to see story boards and memorabilia from the making of the film (located downstairs). Once in your seats, movie goers get to enjoy the famous El Capitan pre-show with their very own organ player, Rob Richards, who plays all of our Disney favorites…..

Following Richards’ rousing set, Zootopia-ans at The El Capitan get to meet some relatives of the cast as a local wild life center hits the stage with the chance to see  animals that we become fast friends with in the film; including a sloth! I think my favorite had to be the bunny that made us think of one of our movie’s heroines, Judy Hopps.

As the crowd is left wanting more of this terrific pre-show, we at last get to meet Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde as they dance on through the aisles to get the audience (young and old alike!) ready for a fabulous film.



Zootopia tells the tale of rabbit, Judy Hopps, who dreams of moving to the nearby metropolis city of Zootopia to be a Police Officer. With her humble beginnings in Bunnyburrow on a carrot and produce farm, her family is less than supportive of their little bunny leaving them to go to a scary, big city. Despite being the tiniest of her classmates, Judy at last gets into the police academy and after much determination she becomes the best in her graduating class!

Once Judy arrives and joins the force, she learns it may not be all that it’s cracked up to be as her first assignment is parking violations. Not wanting to let her humble job get her down, she sets out to beat her goals and become THE best traffic cop she can. Then, she meets Nick Wilde, a smooth talking, foxy, er, fox, con artist who knows all the angles.


Together, this odd duo become fast friends (after some friendly black mailing on Judy’s part) and Judy enlists Nick’s help to find out why several animals have disappeared.  While Nick was first reluctant to help this tenacious rabbit, this unlikely duo discovers that they may have more in common than they thought.

This theme of the characters overcoming their stereotypes is one of the aspects throughout the plot that really shines in Zootopia.

While there is much more I could say about Zootopia, I don’t want to give much away. Both lead characters are great role models for children. Judy Hopps is exceptionally inspiring and a character I would definitely want my children to look to for strength, persistence and an example of one following their dreams. (Think Amy Poehler’s Leslie Knope).

Hollywood date day: success!
Hollywood date day: success!

Zootopia offers enough playful, silly moments (the gang of sloths who work at the DMV are priceless) to keep a younger audience entertained, while everyone will appreciate the message of not judging someone just by who we are supposed to think they are, and learning who is truly on your side.

Zootopia and the pre-show will play at The El Capitan through April 10th. Tickets are available HERE and if you’re not in the Los Angeles area, check your local theatres for Zootopia. It’s a great, classic Disney story that you won’t want to miss! xo

(*Disclosure: I was provided VIP tickets to The El Capitan to see Zootopia. All opinions are my own.)


  1. Kimberly

    March 21, 2016 at 4:08 pm

    What a fun event! I saw Zootopia opening night. It is so good – probably my favorite Disney movie in quite a while! Judy Hopps is adorable! I can’t wait to see Zootopia again!

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