Brick-­or-­Treat at LEGOLAND®: Where the Fun Continues After the Sun Goes Down

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For most of family, October is an exciting month. It is the pumpkin season, and at the end of the month, it is the time to flaunt the costumes for Halloween party. For kids, it also means trick­-or-treating. As parents, of course we want our children to experience fun and safe trick­-or­-treating.

Well, search no more. You can head to LEGOLAND® and have all the Halloween fun in a safe and action­packed environment. I went to LEGOLAND® California Resort on behalf of Mary from Along Comes Mary to check out their Brick-­or-­Treat Party Night as part of their blogger experience program.

The History of Brick­-or­-Treat Party Night

Originally, Brick-­or-­Treat was held for members­ only. It was part of their loya l­customers appreciation program. The park would be closed to the general public at 5 PM, and after that, only members could enjoy the park. Talk about treat­or­treating in a themed park. Double the fun!

After getting feedbacks that Brick­or­Treat Party Nights should be open to the public, they made that happen. Now you can purchase tickets and enjoy the park after dark for some fun trick-­or-treating.

The family theme park starts to gear up for Brick­or­Treat a month before the official start at the beginning of October. Haystacks, pumpkins, and all Halloween ­related props are placed all over the park, making the park slightly eerie but in a good way. Besides, we don’t want the children to get too spooked, right?


What’s Going on During Brick-­or­-Treat Party Night?

Every Saturday night (2015 the schedule is on October 3, 10 , 17, and 24) plus Friday October 30 starting at 5 PM, the park transforms into a not­too­ spooky Halloween festival featuring a variety of fun activities; such as: Fall Festival complete with Pumpkin Patch Building. Build your own LEGO pumpkin with their signature bricks, Seven treat stations with specialty items including a LEGO® NINJAGOTM giveaway and commemorative Brick. Get on the line to be rewarded with their cute bricks. Be advised that the line can be quite long, so plan accordingly! There are also new roaming candy carts throughout the park and two bonus treat stations inside SEA LIFE® Aquarium. Yummy candy in my tummy. Again, the line can be long, so get in line early.

As part of the blogger experience, I had the chance to preview the new Candy Quest before it opens to the public. As you enter the building, you will be engulfed by the darkness, just like when you enter a cave. It’s not too scary, don’t worry.

What can you expect here? For one, watch your surrounding for clues to solve riddles. Some characters will greet you, and if you can answer their questions correctly (no super­hard questions here, believe me), you can collect your reward and get some candies. The interactive Candy Quest is divided into several sections: jungle, tomb, ice land, wild west.

You can admire tons of props that are made of intricate LEGO bricks. Two thumbs up to the artists and builders. It takes some serious STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) to create all these beautiful and complicated statues and props from LEGO bricks.


How to Fully Enjoy Brick­-or­-Treat Party Night

Come dressed in your costume. The Brick-­or­-Treat Party Night starts at 5 PM, but starting around 4 PM, I saw some kids and adults in their costumes started trickling in into the park. It was so awesome to be surrounded by so many ghouls, dragons, and witches!

Here are some tips to fully enjoy the night:

*Come dressed, but don’t go too crazy. Remember that your children probably want to get on some rides too. Choose costumes without long frills and tails to avoid fall and to get stepped on.

*Bring something cozy (such as wraps, scarf, pashmina, sweater) to make sure you and your children stay warm. In October, the sun goes down much faster. By 5 PM, it is usually starting to get dark already.

*Take some snacks and water with you. Although the park closes at 5 PM to accommodate Brick-­or­-Treat party­goers, and some people don’t stay at the park after 5 PM, the lines are still long. To avoid a meltdown, supply your kids with healthy snacks and water.

*Be a good sport! Waiting in line is not too fun, and to find that you only get two candies after waiting for so long can ruin your mood.  If the wait is too long, then choose another activity, like other rides and attractions instead. Don’t forget to have fun! It is not a competition to see who can collect candies the most.


More Information about Brick-­or­-Treat Party Night

To answer your burning questions (such as, how much does this thing cost?!), continue reading: There are two spook-y­kooky options for guests age 3+:

Full ­Day Package: $70 for access from 10 AM ­ 9 PM (includes admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium all day, plus access to Brick­or­Treat Party Nights, starting at 5PM)

Night­Time Only: $40 for access from 5 PM ­ 9 PM (includes admission to LEGOLAND California and SEA LIFE Aquarium from 5 PM ­ 9 PM to celebrate Brick­or­Treat Party Nights)

To check the full selection of pricing, hop over to


The Verdict

My family loved Brick­or­Treat Party Night. We totally dig it. I like the fact that you can have a day (and night) full with great family fun in one place. Given the chance, we will come back and do it all over again!

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(*Disclosure: I work on occasion with Legoland. My contributor, Anita, attended a Bloggers Preview of Brick-or-Treat on behalf of this feature. All opinions are her own & I cannot thank my favorite “One Sleepy Mommy” enough for covering it for me!)

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