Social Media Services

In addition to writing, I offer online marketing services to help run your brand. Here’s some of the areas of expertise I’m available for hire:

Newsletters / E-zines

Design, Formatting, Scheduling, Content Outlines, Brainstorming Content and Scheduling.

Blog Posts

Format your blog posts

Insert tags, categories.

Create and maintain calendar for your blog posting.

Brainstorm and create Content Outlines for blogs

Post videos

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn-Setup & Maintenance

Content and Marketing Research

Auto and manual posting setup & scheduling

Facebook Design

Facebook Ads

Monitor online presence for effectiveness and authenticity in brand

Customer Service and Response, this is where your people are hanging

out, they need to be taken care of just as promptly as they would if they

walked into your place of business.


Complete online management

Marketing, Representation and Research for Media and Live Events.

Create connections and log book for promotional opportunities.

Guest blogging, festival and other live & online appearance inquiries.

Research and connect with affiliates and clients that will enhance your

production or business.

Virtual Assisting

Do you already have your blog, web-site, social media presence yet have days that its all a bit overwhelming? Hire me on your team to assist you in your daily tasks of content scheduling, posting on your platforms, answering emails & managing your schedule.

Lets get your vision off the ground and on the world-wide web. I have 10+ years expertise in building a presence online. Contact me today for references and quotes at [email protected]

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