Celebrating 20 Years of Garbage.

In the Fall of 1995, the pop & alternative worlds of music were at a bit of a crossroad that had left us with a bit of a question mark as far as, whats next? While Alanis Morrisette was burning up the charts with her Jagged Little Pill, & music fans were either coming back out of their black hole as they slowly continued to recover from Kurt Cobain’s suicide, or perhaps were just entering that sea of doom as we  lost The Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia too soon, there was a subtle, subdued void with the Alt Rock scene, & we were overdue for a fantastic new buzz band.

Little did we know, the trash would soon be taken out & we would meet Garbage. A band of four consisting of music nerds & producers on guitars, a flaming Scottish red-headed lass with enough on her lyrical mind to give Courtney Love a run for her money singing her heart out & last but not least, a musical legend on drums; Butch Vig, producer of Nirvana’s Nevermind. When this group of unlikely band members introduced themselves with their self titled debut, they were just what the Doctor ordered.

When I listen to an album, or it becomes in my top ten, it really gets down to one reason why it becomes a masterpiece in my world: I need every song to be outstanding. I want each track to take me away to a new dimension, or remind me of a memory, a time in my life. I want an entire album to move me. Become me. Take me away from a sometimes mundane life. One of the CDs that did that for me was back in 2001, when I discovered Garbage.

I was emo, I was angst-y & not always happy. This album was like a golden ticket to my unhappiness & dis-content with the world, & those around me. I felt Shirley Manson’s frustration as she belted out inviting lyrics & one liners like, “Say one word/I will laugh & bury you/Leave you in the place where you left me” & “I am cold so I am cruel/But I’d be love & sweetness if I had you”–very uplifting ditties, I know! Yet, Garbage’s music spoke to me, & I have since kept up with their work & love every single album they have gone on to produce. Their efforts are real. They’re fun, original & know their way around some good electronics & Pro Tools.

Believe it or not, that first album was 20 years ago(!) & to celebrate, Shirley Manson, Butch Vig, Duke Erikson & Steve Marker are hitting the road to perform a bunch of intimate concerts of their first album, in its entirety, with a stop at Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre October 8th. I couldn’t be more excited;  I’m hoping to be there & it will mark my 3rd time seeing Garbage.

Tickets, including special VIP access packages, are on sale now HERE.

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