Date Night Made Easy Thanks to Studio Movie Grill

Looking to ramp up your usual dinner and a movie date to the next level? Then Studio Movie Grill is the place for you. With numerous locations in ten states (and growing), Studio Movie Grill enables guests to watch the latest movies in a state of the art theatre. While cozy reclining chairs are enough to “seal the deal” for me, Studio Movie Grill takes it a step further with a full-service menu to enjoy during the movie.

Newly opened right here in Los Angeles’ Glendale, Studio Movie Grill boasts multiple bars and lounges to enjoy before or after your flick. Crunched on time? Arrive for showtime and enjoy it all from the comfort of your seat while you watch your movie.

The Studio Movie Grill of Glendale

Since its December and easy to get wrapped up in the holiday chaos, I was thrilled to check out the newest location right here in my neck of the woods. Growing up next door in Pasadena, the Glendale Galleria was a staple hangout of my youth. Since then, Glendale has developed into a modern, chic metropolis with an urban flare. Just adjacent to the Galleria and Americana, Studio Movie Grill is the perfect addition to Glendale’s nightlife options.

We arrived with some time to spare before our eight o’clock showing of Jumanji: The Next Level. Making a beeline to the bar and lounge, the spacious three-level structure certainly doesn’t feel like your “usual” cinema. A full-service bar and lounge offer a wine and beer list, cocktails and an impressive menu of American fare. The ten auditoriums offer the latest digital projection, Dolby 3D and Q-SYS custom sound systems. If you’re like me, you don’t necessarily understand all of that tech language, but you know it makes for a better experience.

Studio Movie Grill entrance. Photo: Courtesy of Studio Movie Grill.
Their gorgeous lounge. Photo: Courtesy of Studio Movie Grill.
The SMG Bar. Photo: Courtesy of Studio Movie Grill.
Dinner, Drinks and Jumanji: The Next Level

After we enjoyed some wine and light bites in the upstairs lounge, we headed into our theatre to get cozy and decide on dinner. While the lights will be out during the picture, they do remain on during the coming attractions, so make use of that time to cruise the large menu of plates to consider.

With flatbreads, sliders, and burgers, I wondered how dining gluten-free at Studio Movie Grill would be. While they make it clear they’re NOT a gluten-free facility, they do offer several gluten-friendly options including a hamburger bun. Mike and I both decided on their chicken kabobs with rice pilaf. We ordered before the movie began, and it was out within 20 minutes of its beginning. I admit it was a bit awkward receiving a plate of food in the dark! Luckily, I didn’t feel frowned upon that I did whip out my phone to take a quick look under some light.

With that full bar I mentioned, of course, I had to try out some of their libations. Along with their signature house margarita, they also know how to tempt a gal with their Studio Blue ‘Rita, with 100% blue agave and Midori tequila for an additional two dollars. While not tasting as citrus as I’d hoped, this is a great cocktail for those who love a pretty tequila drink without the tart from the lime. The Blue ‘Rita is much more on the fruity side and resembled a punch.

Having just seen the first installment in Jumanji, The Next Level proved to be just as hilarious as the inaugural. Several twists and turns I didn’t see coming went down, and the cast, once again, did a terrific job at playing their characters stuck in the video games avatars.

Modern, clean exterior adds to the sophisticated vibes of Glendale. Photo: Courtesy of Studio Movie Grill.
Mike enjoyed the flatbread! Photo: Courtesy of Studio Movie Grill.
The Studio ‘Blue Rita. Photo: Courtesy of Studio Movie Grill.
Date Night 2.0

Since Mike and I frequent AMC movie theatres, Studio Movie Grill was just the change I needed from our “usual” date nights. As someone who could take or leave going to the movies, I loved the fact that I could feel more at home as I enjoyed my dinner and a drink. Not being a huge fan of the recliners at AMC, Studio Movie Grills were much more comfortable. My neck didn’t feel stiff afterward, and it was hard to leave!

Whether you need a date night upgrade or even a last-minute Christmas gift, learn more about Studio Movie Grill HERE and I’ll see you in Glendale.

(*Disclosure: I was a guest of Studio Movie Grill on behalf of this review. All opinions are my own.)

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