Happy Mother’s Day!

Like everyone, I have had many ups & downs in my life. I have dealt with feeling lonely, hurt, sad, doubting myself, as well as being on top of the world & blissfully happy. It’s always wonderful when you know you have someone on your side for no matter how you are feeling. That person for almost 30 years for me, has been my Mom.

Things weren’t always easy growing up for my family, but, my Mother never let that stop her from giving her only child (me!) an absolutely wonderful childhood, & empowering me for my adult years, too. While she definitely has her over protective moments, some of those moments are incredibly sweet; like, not wanting to have an ultrasound to find out if I was a boy or girl because she read that the noise to one can be irritating to the baby, mimicking the sound of a submarine (??).

Whenever I have had a crazy idea or considering a new adventure, she is always supportive, even if the plan only lasts for a day in my ADD like mind. A humours example is having always wanted a dog, yet she made it clear if I ever brought one home she could not help me watch one. Well, when Hammy jumped in my car 2 years ago & I was living in a no pets apartment building, what did she do? She kept him for me at her no pets home until I could have him full-time….& now she thinks he’s her dog, too šŸ˜‰ I can recall the first time she watched him without me, I went to cover a Gluten Free Expo, & she called me, in tears, that Hammy was crying & whining for me, & she needed to know when to tell him I would be back!

Having had me later in her life (37), Mom had lived a really fun, rewarding life before she decided to get married & start a family; a lot like where I am at in my own life at this moment, she was afraid of child-birth, never thought she’d have a biological child & was a career woman. Once I came along, she devoted her entire life to me, despite so many awful hardships; a stroke-like episode nearly paralyzing her body, almostĀ being killed in a car accident & an accidental over dose on drugs she needed to be taking post car crash, all before I was even 2 years old.

Fast forward to many years later, she gave her entire life to helping me when I was really sick & almost always flat on my butt; this was before my Lupus diagnosis, & I always remember crying I was in so much pain & could not get off the couch I felt so crippled from my fatigue, having had so many of her own hardships, she can sometimes get, what I call, “All religious” on me, which I am not, & she explained to me that she feels blessed to know me because God must have thought it inevitable I would have health issues in my life, & since that was the case (gee, thanks, lol), he decided she would be a good match for me. Corny as hell, yes, but, that’s my Mother. She truly tries to find some kindĀ of positive in every situation, despite how bad or un-lucky it may seem.

Where do you go after having had Congestive Heart Failure? Disneyland, of course!

I do not know where I would be in my life having not had the endless love & support of my Mom, Chris. Shes empowered me to always stay strong, be hopeful, be spunky. While there are plenty of times I have had my downs with her, or felt that shes been over bearing, made me mad, all that Mom stuff, I know I would be completley lost without knowing shes always just a phone call, visit or hug away. She would ALWAYS help me, & I hope I have been a good daughter to her. Its not easy to have me as your kid, I am sure. I am so proud of her as much as she always says she is of me.

I cannot WAIT to party it up with her next week at The Hollywood Bowl, when we venture out to see Courtney Love & Lana Del Rey! šŸ™‚ Nothing thrills me more than take her to live concerts; because we always have a blast.

I love you, Mommy! xoxo

(*Featured image: Shes Kinda Crafty)

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