Join Me at Tam O’Shanter Inn with Brander Vineyard this Week!

Have you ever been to Tam O’Shanter Inn? While I’ve driven by this historic restaurant countless times on Los Feliz Boulevard, I have still not yet experienced their eclectic Scottish cuisine. Since I’ll be attending their Brander Vineyards Winemaker Dinner this Wednesday, I decided to do some research and found out some pretty awesome facts. Check it out!

Walt Disney ate here. A lot.

When Walt set up shop on Hyperion Avenue in the 1920’s to create his animation empire, him and his Disney crew would flock to Tam O’Shanter nearly every night after a hard days work creating such classics like Snow White; take a look at Tam O’Shanter, and it is easily quite possible Disney used their storybook cottage-like exterior for inspiration on the 7 dwarfs cottage. Once Disney moved his studios to Burbank, he was still a regular. Always requesting table 31, closest to the fireplace, it’s now affectionately remembered as “Walt’s Table”.

Don Draper stopped by, too…

Tam O’Shanter is now no stranger to film and television. Mad Men filmed several scenes inside their bar when Don Draper (Jon Hamm) was looking to be his mischievous, slime ball self (but looking so dapper while doing so). If you’re a Glee fan, the famous episode where Neil Patrick Harris and Mattew Morrison sing Billy Joel’s Piano Man, Tam O’Shanter. Remember when Julia Roberts and Bryan Cranston got into that epic fight over cheesecake in Larry Crowne? That rowe went down at Tam O’Shanter, too!

It was founded by The Van de Kamp’s Bakery Company….

In 1922, Lawrence Frank and Walter Van de Kamp, who had also founded the successful Van de Kamp’s bakery goodies you can find in the grocery store to this day, ventured out to launch what is now the legendary Tam O’Shanter. It’s since been acquired by the famous Lawry’s Steak House.

If you visited in the 60’s, you may not recall Tam O’Shanter…

For a brief time in 1968, The Tam O’Shanter Inn became “Great Scot” but soon went back to their original name.

They host great events

Which is why I will be at last paying them a visit this Wednesday night. This week, their featured event is a four-course wine pairing dinner highlighting Brander Vineyard.  Featured wines include 2016 Sauvignon Gris, Santa Ynez Valley (paired with bay scallops with watercress and mango); 2016 Sauvignon Blanc, Mesa Verde Vineyard, Santa Ynez Valley (paired with a summer melon salad with ginger lime vinaigrette); 2016 Fred Red Blend, Santa Ynez Valley (paired with a sirloin steak with mocha, quinoa and heirloom cherry tomatoes); and 2014 Reserve Cabernet, Santa Ynez Valley (paired with caramel ice cream with passion fruit and shortbread cookies). Each mouth-watering course is prepared by Executive Chef Juan Escamilla. A representative from Brander Vineyard will guide guests through each tasting.

Another recent announcement was their participation in the up-coming dineLA week; ““dineLA is one of the most treasured events for foodies and bargain hunters across our great city,” says John Lindquist, General Manager of Tam O’Shanter. “We’ve developed a special prix fixe menu that will spotlight some of our most popular and mouthwatering dishes and give guests plenty of options to truly enjoy dineLA at the Tam.”

Grab tickets for the winemaker dinner, as well as learn more about their events on their web-site and I will see you at Tam O’Shanter Inn! xo

(*Photos: Tam O’Shanter Inn Facebook, and Brander Vineyard Facebook.)

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