Lunch at Vintage Enoteca with the Cast of Don’t Think Twice!


After seeing Don’t Think Twice, I had the pleasure to head  out to Vintage Enoteca on Sunset Boulevard to meet Mike Birbiglia (who not only write and directed, but, also stars in the film as Miles), Keegan-Michael Key and Kate Micucci and get their insights on their roles, and find out when they knew they had “made it”….

For Micucci, who makes up half of the awesome comedy/singing duo, Garfunkel and Oates, it was when she could buy her favorite sweet treat! “I love raspberries yet they’re expensive and I would always have to pick apples instead” she explained, “I remember the day I bought raspberries and  didn’t look at the price. I thought, oh my god I’ve made it! ” 

Having so many diverse, artistic projects, and even loving to sand sculpt, I asked her if there was a moment in her life that first sparked all of her talents. Micucci recalled growing up in a very financially poor family, in Pennsylvania, and that once a week her Mom would let her pick out one thing at the store, and it was always the arts and crafts store when little Kate took advantage of that one purchase.


While I admit I was not too familiar with Key’s work, his interview left me so, so inspired. “It’s a movie about when you get to a certain point in your life (and think), when do you realize that some of the dreams you’ve set up for your life or the story you have set up for your life, and the way its going to go, and when it goes in a different direction: What does that mean? How are you going to navigate the rest of your existence?” He explained,  “We kinda get to that place where you think uh oh? It hasn’t happened yet, (but) It’s also defining what does success mean to you? If you’re happy and fulfilled is that enough to be happy, or is it not until you achieve X or Y.”

Both stars also admit that being able to do what you love and safely pay the rent is also huge…or, in Key’s case, as long as he had money for food and beer, he was good! “If money is important to you,  don’t be an actor” he advised. Good advice!

For Director/Writer?Star of the film,  Mike Birbiglia, success has evolved for him over the years. “I think in my 20’s”, he told us, “success meant this one thing like having a sitcom, or a movie career. Then,  in my 30’s I started to have this realization that success doesn’t have to be this one thing. It can be anywhere on the spectrum, and that was a pretty free-ing realization, having always been chasing a brass ring.”

After completing his first film, Sleepwalk with Me, Birbiglia sat down to begin work on Don’t Think Twice, entitling it “Instructions for Movie #2.” Once again, I was inspired and felt validated for some feelings I have had lately as I get older. One of his must’s for making his second film? “No ass holes on the crew or in the cast. I  realized how short my life is with my first movie and that I only want to work with people who are great. I check references a lot” he laughed.

Love this shot from Don't Think Twice's Facebook page. Selfie time with Keegan-Michael Key and Mike Birbiglia.
Love this shot from Don’t Think Twice’s Facebook page. Selfie time with Keegan-Michael Key and Mike Birbiglia.

While having a great sense of himself, Mike is also working on what he feels are some weaker points;  “Ask the person why they want to do this film, and don’t lead them to their answer.” he said, “A big flaw (of mine) is finishing people’s sentences.” Seems natural, given his strong background in improv comedy.

Another element of Don’t Think Twice that I loved were the shots of New York City. Birbiglia truly captures his characters ups and downs on their journeys while also capturing such vivid, stunning shots of Manhattan. He explained that while the big budget studio films have talent scouts and locations are very planned out, there is nothing like the joys of simply walking around the city with your Cinematographer to discover great film spots.

Having the opportunity to meet these fantastic individuals was so rewarding, and our luncheon was not too shabby, either. Vintage Enoteca is a very intimate, un-assuming wine bar in West Hollywood. I love their tag line: In Wine, We Trust. With small bites and some terrific wines and beers on hand, I was pleased to see that they also offer brunch and a generous happy hour. I will be back!

Don’t Think Twice is now playing in New York and Los Angeles, with more dates and locations on the way shortly. Bravo! xo


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