Things I Took For Granted Before 2020 (And Now Miss)

Traveling on an airplane. I don’t like the efforts that go into flying, especially when I was l leaving from LAX. Now? I actually miss the hustle, bustle, and frustration of airports. There. I said it.

Live concerts. On two separate occasions last year, my depression was at an all-time low. The first time, last August before two Smashing Pumpkin shows, all that got me through was anticipating those gigs. The other incident, Billy Corgan solo, I tried to sell my ticket. I felt so bad and incapable of attending. It didn’t sell so I made myself queue up extremely close to showtime. I felt in a completely new and better mood by the end of the set. Live music has literally saved me numerous times. No chance of that “high” this year, sadly.

Live theatre. Much like music, we all know how any kind of performing arts rejuvenates me. I miss it deep within my soul.

Getting work done at coffee houses. I used to view this as a bit of a “chore” or more annoying than it’s worth. Loud people, espresso machines steaming. Now? I pine for the day I can creepily look behind tables for an outlet for my laptop once again. And buy an overpriced drink I say I can make better at home.

Meeting up with friends. Mind you, I still have met up with close buds. Yet nowadays, we keep a distance by sitting in each of our cars to chat or scramble for a bench that doesn’t say “Keep Off.” Last year, I never would have envisioned our 2020 conversations would be discussing where we found our mask or complaining about folks standing too close to us.

Lipstick. I rarely wore it before, yet now? I think about shades that’ll look good on me when I’m not blocking my face like a bank robber.

Samples. On a bad day, there was something invigorating about stopping into Trader Joe’s to see what their sample station had cooking. And taking more than one helping of the free coffee.

Returns. While a lot of stores are once again accepting returns and exchanges, I’ve seen several that are still not. Totally makes sense, but gone are my days of those impulsive purchases with the safety net of knowing I can return it when I realize what was I thinking?

Sneezing in public. It’s never been desirable, but Lord do I get an evil eye if I cough or sneeze in public right now.

Mini makeovers at Sephora. If I was speeding out the door yet found myself at an Ulta or Sephora, you can bet I was that person who may sweep on some tester mascara with a fresh wand or spritz on some perfume in between racing. Now? The thought of doing that makes me cringe.

I know this is a very self-indulgent post. I’m whiny. I’m bored. I miss my old routines. What are some things, minor or not, you’re missing right about now? xo


  1. Melanie

    August 27, 2020 at 12:23 pm

    I miss getting on the road and exploring. Now I’m too worried about finding a restroom!

  2. Jen Miya

    August 27, 2020 at 7:59 pm

    I miss working out at my gym, especially spin class. I also miss meeting with friends in person over a good meal indoors & live concerts. Also, believe it or not, I miss going into an office. I need separation from work & home life! I’ve got my daughter doing online schooling, hubby in the office who is WFH, and I’m camped out on our dining room table.

    1. AlongComesMary

      August 28, 2020 at 1:10 pm

      Working from home can be so rough after awhile! I feel you on all of these things!

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