Visiting Harley Farms Goat Dairy….


Confession time: While its pretty clear that I adore dogs, another furry friend close to my heart are GOATS. Easily my #1 favorite barn yard animal, many think they will get kicked in the behind if they even glance at a goat-ee (my nickname for them). In reality? They can be some of the sweetest animals around, as well as producing some awfully delicious milk often used for incredible cheese. What is not to love?

On my press trip to experience as “Fresh As it Gets” in San Mateo County (right outside of San Francisco), I was delighted to spend a morning in Pescadero where we headed to the historic Harley Farms Goat Dairy. With humble beginnings over 100 years ago as a dairy farm, Dee Harley purchased the farm over 20 years ago, and, thus Harley Farms Goat Dairy was born!

Arriving onto the farm, not only did I feel as if I had died and discovered a goat heaven existed, but I was interested as to HOW Dee and her family have managed to be raising over 200 goats on their farm?! It turns out that by a chance meeting with Nancy Gaffney, is how the farm had its re-birth. Gaffney had a herd of about sixty goats in Davenport. Seeing the available pasture, Nancy asked if Dee would overwinter six goats. A few years later, this herd grew to include all of Nancy’s goats, and after some lessons in how to make cheese, Gaffney retired from the goat trade.As their website says, “It was the perfect ending for her, and the beginning of Harley Farms.”


Photo: Lisa Richardson.

Harley Farms has become the known spot tin San Mateo County for all of your gourmet goat cheese needs as well as milk and, coming soon, an aged cheese. I had the pleasure of experiencing some of these award winning cheeses paired with local and fresh strawberries. Let me just say: I still can taste how flavorful it was.

Another awesome touch? Their own line of Bath and Body products, with goat milk as the main ingredient! What better a place to shop in San Mateo County than Harley Farms. Their gift shop has several bits and baubles and ensures you can shop for everyone on your list this season.

Along with hundreds of goats (and even some kitties) on sight, Harley Farms offers group tours to get up close and personal with their main stars as well as the opportunity to see how fresh and delicious their food is with monthly dinners hosted upstairs in their barn (with a view to boot). While group tours will fill up by their date, the dinners sell out almost instantly so keep an eye on ones planned for the new year if you’re interested in this unique dining evening.

Something I have been asked is: Didn’t the goats bite?! And my answer is….absolutely not. While it is advised you do not bring anything in with you, and maybe take off any scarves/jackets, these goats were the absolute sweetest, and very acquainted to socializing with adoring fans. I cannot wait to return!

Next time you find yourself in The California Bay Area, make sure to say hi and buy some cheese at Harley Goat Farms! xo

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