15 Hashtags for 7 Days a Week! #SocialMediaMonday



Are you looking to make each day a theme on your social media posts and/or your blog? Whether you are a blogger or business owner, hashtags are huge and key to getting your posts seen and heard.

Luckily, there are many hashtags utilized on each day that social media lovers thrive on and search for on other people’s posts on their favorite days of the week. Today, for #SocialMediaMonday (or is it more of a #ManicMonday?), I am going to share a handful of tags that are popular and perfect for you should you be searching for new, creative tags.


If Mondays gives you a case of the #MondayBlues, find a quote you love or a silly meme about your morning cup of coffee. Post it and include #MotivationalMonday. If you’re a blogger, maybe write a story about when motivating yourself got you somewhere you are proud of. The sky’s the limit!


A Travel bloggers favorite day. Whether you are on a trip, or recalling a great place you have been, post about it and use #TravelTuesday. Search this tag, too, on Instagram and Twitter. to discover like-minded wanderlusters.

#TravelTuesday could take your audience to The Hollywood Bowl...
#TravelTuesday could take your audience to The Hollywood Bowl…


You made it through #HumpDay, and now, a glass of Pinot is calling your name. Snap an artsy-fun pic and slap #WineWednesday on the caption. This is one of my favorite days on Twitter as there are several chats, like #SonomaChat, that bring wino’s from around the world together.


Wine not your thing? Not to worry, there’s #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) or another goody, #WellnessWednesday. As someone who loves holistic living and learning ways to continually enrich myself, Wellness Wednesday will find you a slew of great articles and shares on living your best life.

#ThrowbackThursday (Or #TBT)

Did you write an article you thought was just the BEST ever on your blog, yet you were disappointed that it went unnoticed, or maybe didn’t get the hits you thought it would? Re-share your content on #ThrowbackThursday and see what happens. Do you have a shop and are remembering a fun event or your opening day? Post some pix with #TBT.

And, don't forget #FoodieFriday!
And, don’t forget #FoodieFriday!

#FollowFriday (Or #FF)

One of my favorites. On Twitter, you will commonly see #FF on Friday for #FollowFriday. This is a great chance to give a shout out to your fellow blogging friends or a favorite brand and tag your friends in with them. #FF is to encourage new follows and friends.


A no brainer. Date with your love at the park? A blog article about a great date night restaurant? Use #Saturdate to tell peeps where the date hot spots are.


This one is retro for me. I used this term way before I got into social media! Sunday is meant to be a fun day, so if you are out having a blast, snap some pictures for Instagram and include #SundayFunDay as a hashtag.

Did I miss your favorite hashtag for a day during the week? Let me know! And, as always, I am available for tutorials, coaching and/or social media managing. Email me anytime at [email protected] and lets chat 🙂 xo

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