A Getaway to Palm Springs Part 1: Staying at ARRIVE Hotel

When I launched Along Comes Mary I knew there were places I’d love to write articles about. One of those spots has always been the iconic Palm Springs. I visited for my first time last summer for a day and it sealed the deal that I had to get back and visit more closely.

As luck would have it (or maybe manifestation?), I had the honor of visiting Palm Springs on behalf of Along Comes Mary this past spring. It was exactly like I thought it would be, and much more. I was joined by dear friends from the International Food, Wine and Travel Writers Association (IFWTWA) as we toured the California desert city with the Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels. In this first of a mini series of recaps about my visit, I share with you some of the highlights from staying at the gorgeous ARRIVE Hotel.

Check in at ARRIVE

You know nothing makes me happier on a trip than a fantastic place to stay. Guests are in for their new home away from home when they check in at ARRIVE, one of the nearly 80 boutique hotels in the area. Each hotel offers its guests an extremely unique experience. For ARRIVE, located in the Uptown Design District, this includes being a 21 and over facility and offering 2 killer restaurants and bars, a coffee house and even an ice cream shoppe.

Palm Springs is long known for its stunning architecture and design. ARRIVE pays homage to that legacy with its modernist style and vibrant accents. In lieu of a lobby, I checked in right at the pool bar and helped myself to a complementary welcome drink from their soda cart. I grabbed a Cutwater can of their Vodka Mule and immediately was impressed it says gluten-free. Cheers to that!

My room had a beautiful high ceiling and boasted Joshua Tree vibes with its wood desk and high, large windows on either side of the room with the sun shining in. I got settled right away and adored some down time on my private patio as I sipped my drink and listened to music play from the pool. The dry heat and sun is such an unusual feeling, coming from LA. It makes you just want to lounge back and soak up the sun, literally. ARRIVE is the perfect place to do that.

Arriving at ARRIVE. (c) Mary Farah
My bedroom at ARRIVE. (c) Mary Farah
Eat, Drink and Kick Back

Once you’ve ‘ARRIVE-d,’ check out all that awaits you during your stay. Grab a cup of Joe at Cartel Coffee Lab, a coffee house that may seem intimidating to some at first, but trust me, you’re in for an expertly crafted cup. While common favorites like a Frappucino are not on the menu, Cartel Coffee Lab gives java lovers an opportunity to be reminded at what an art roasting and making the perfect cup of coffee is.

If a drink or food is on your mind, you’re in luck as ARRIVE features 2 outstanding restaurants, both with plenty of libations to wet your whistle. At Draughtsman, step away from that bright, modern look and into an industrial chic atmosphere to savor BBQ grub, craft beers and an extensive drink list that includes beer cocktails. If an all American breakfast or lunch is on your mind, head over to Wexler’s, ARRIVE’s deli cafe and pool bar.

I awoke my first morning (after an incredibly peaceful sleep in my bed, mind you) and was ready to eat. I was skeptical about Wexler’s, a local LA deli known for their beef pastrami, as I didn’t know how vegetarian or gluten-free the menu would be. As soon as I walked in, the Wexler’s staff took such amazing care of me that I could have stayed at my table all day. You know me and loving a great breakfast plate? Well, check these out…..

2 fried egg breakfast at Wexler’s. (c) Mary Farah
Farmers market egg scramble. (c) Mary Farah

While the fried egg breakfast usually comes with one of their signature bagels and bacon, they were so accommodating to my requests. Imagine how pleased I was when I was informed they’ve even got gluten-free bread. The eggs were prepared over-medium to perfection, and I was offered a side of fresh sliced avocado instead of meat. I didn’t think they’d top themselves, but on my next morning, their farmers market egg scramble stole the show.

With that great menu to boot, I also loved the blend of locals and visitors enjoying their morning at Wexler’s. I sat by the patio and loved my view of the pool and a breathtaking backdrop of the desert mountains.

More Drinks and Some Ice Cream at ARRIVE

In addition to my terrific dining experiences at Wexler’s, I was eager to sip one of their cocktails as I relaxed by the pool. This was easy to make happen once I decided on the Mango Mule, a tasty concoction of ginger ale, mango juice and vodka. Once again, the staff proved just how ‘on it’ they are for their guests. As soon as I inquired if a gluten-free vodka would be available, the bartender recommended Tito’s, which is actually what I already buy. As a mango and vodka lover, you can imagine how satisfying this was. It was becoming very clear: Wexler’s never disappoints.

Yet above all, I’ve possibly saved the best for last. I did mention ARRIVE has an ice cream parlor on site. Ice Cream & Shop(pe) has become one of the most beloved sweet shops in Palm Springs. With a revolving flavor list with the traditionals like vanilla bean or chocolate, they’re not afraid to think outside the box and offer some “millennial” favorites like avocado as well as plenty of gluten-free and vegan scoops.

Play a round or 2 of ping pong! (c) Mary Farah
The Mango Mule at Wexler’s. (c) Mary Farah
Jump in! (c) Mary Farah
Pool Time

Something I discovered quickly when I visited Palm Springs last year is, pool parties rule these parts. Each weekend during the summer, the locals and visitors alike can enjoy soirees at numerous hotel pools, including ARRIVE.

You’ll often see their beautiful oversized pool filled with fun inflatable floaties-perfect to feel like a kid again, or just have fun after a Mango Mule. Fun games like bocce ball and ping pong are waiting for you, as well as a Jacuzzi, cabana and bike rentals and the chance to mingle with guests and locals alike. On the weekends, ARRIVE usually has DJ sets to get the party started.

Plan Your Stay at ARRIVE

I had such a wonderful visit to ARRIVE in Palm Springs. Every element of my stay made me feel like I was right at home (sans my barking pups or deciding what to cook for dinner). My room was spacious and quiet, while right outside my door I could enjoy the pool and activities, as well as plenty of great food and drinks. Cartel coffee starts brewing each morning at 6am, and you can grab breakfast at Wexler’s beginning at 8am. If you feel inclined to get some work done (I actually did while lounging on my patio), free wi-fi is waiting for you and at great speed.

With summertime upon us, it’s actually the perfect time to visit Palm Springs. The crowds are gone and the pools are awaiting you to make your splash. If you’re excited for June and Pride month, Palm Springs is one of the most exciting places you can be to celebrate who you are.

Learn more about ARRIVE here and book your vacation now. In addition to their exquisite California location, they have several locations popping up throughout the USA. Next up, I look forward to sharing with you some more cuisine highlights of Palm Springs. Hint: they’re very gluten-free friendly. Stay tuned! xo

(*Disclosure: I was a guest of ARRIVE Hotel for story purposes. All opinions are my own.)

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    I adore PS, and so jealous you stayed at ARRIVE!! Glad you were able to enjoy – it looks fabulous, darling! Wish I could have made this trip, but I had a conflict 🙁

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      Thanks so much for stopping by, Priscilla! I agree, PS is awfully special:-)

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