I ‘Member! My Year in Pictures 2016.

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For the past couple of years, I have loved when I come across “Year in Pictures” articles at the end of the year. It gives me a chance to remember some fun times and think about how far I have come with opportunities blogging.

For this year, I am giving me annual Year in Review a theme: To celebrate the 20th season of South Park (one of my favorite shows) coming to Comedy Central, an exciting exhibit hit Comic Con and The Paley Media Center in LA to commemorate their best moments over the years. Michael and I were there (of course) and I got these moments…..

Then, when South Park premiered their newest (highly political!) season, a little hilarious group of ‘Member Berries made their unveiling….

These fictional fruits do nothing but dwell on the past, “‘Member Ghost busters? I ‘member!” but, it made me want to make this a funny post and theme it: I ‘member! 😉


‘Member San Francisco? The LA Food and Wine Festival? The Taste of LA? I ‘member!

I got to sip some of the finest wineries around and sample some of the best food on the West Coast, while I could never pick a single favorite, my brunch at Linn’s Restaurant in Cambria (story coming soon), my taste of Cafe Del Rey in Marina Del Rey at The LA Times taste Weekend, and La Costanera in Half Moon Bay. These mentions are all in California and truly represented what “great food” or “a good meal” means.


‘Member Carmel Beach? Burney Falls State Park? The Pacific Crest Trail? I ‘member!

While I can never get enough travel and time in new surroundings, I made out pretty well getting around, if I do say so myself. As Michael and I continue to find the most fun and unique places in our home state of California, we got a real treat dodging a horrible LA rain storm our January weekend in Carmel-by-the-Sea, and I still think of my August trip to Chico and Mount Shasta many times a week. From walking the halls of Chico State University to discovering Burney Falls and walking a small portion of the Wild infamous Pacific Crest Trail, I truly discovered a favorite new part of California.

We also got to explore the South and spent a week in Tennessee and Alabama! I found out its not at all what I had thought, and they have an amazing Botanical Gardens in Huntsville.


Sometimes, I surprise myself at how accurate my tagline is: You never know where I will show up. Between interviews with Robert Redford, Anna Kendrick and Jack Black, I would say it was a pretty high honor to sit in the same room with music icon, Justin Timberlake, and have him answer my questions regarding the music production process of a film (He starred in this year’s Trolls as well as having written the film’s soundtrack and arranged.). I ‘member! 😉

And, I am extremely grateful that I got to attend an amazing press preview of Mr. Garry Marshall’s last film, Mother’s Day, and, as you can see, meet this movie legend….

Mary and Garry.

He was so sweet to each one of us, and it was heartbreaking to have him among those we’ve lost in this heavy hearted year of 2016.


Speaking of icons, little did I know how amazed I would be at seeing Elton John in Las Vegas…

And, thanks to LA Explorer, I have a new favorite LA hot spot at Rockwell Table and Stage!

Not a bad year for Along Comes Mary. I know many cannot wait for this “cursed” year to end and I hope its a wonderful, magical and PEACEFUL 2017 for all. I ‘member! xo



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