Jessica Lynn Johnson’s Creating a One Person Show Workshop

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to produce your very own one person show? Whether you’re a seasoned actor, writer or have zero experience in creating a live production, everyone has the creativity, stories and tools within them to make something magical. This is what I discovered when I attended Jessica Lynn Johnson’s The Art of Creating a One Person Show workshop.

Johnson is an unstoppable powerhouse who hails from Missouri. Before landing herself here in Los Angeles, she had an incredible run in New York with her solo work being seen at The NYC Samuel French Playwright Festival, The NYC International Fringe Festival, as well as enjoying an extended run at New York City’s prestigious Theatre Row on 42nd Street.

Jessica Lynn Johnson
Jessica Lynn Johnson

During this workshop, that was in conjunction with The Los Angeles Womens Theatre Festival, Jessica took her students (including myself) on a journey to look deep within ourselves to find our story to share with an audience.

It seems that throughout my life, as I weave my own story, that theatre always finds it way back to me. It definitely is a passion of mine yet I have never attempted being on stage, let alone while acting out a self-written play.
After Jessica’s 2 hour crash course, I left wanting to get started on a solo show of my own. Think of the possibilities: Share an important story that made you who you are today, re-tell the tales of a role model of yours, or totally make something up. The sky is truly the limit.

Our mentor began the evening asking each of us to do an introduction; from an artist currently writing a solo play on Fashion Designer, Patrick Kelly, to local talk show host and Professor, Ron Brewington, as well as a missionary from India….and, moi. Jessica was such a marvelous, open soul who  treated each and every one of us exactly the same, professional way. While I chose not to get up and share a story, those who did (some their first time on a stage!) shined so brightly and a few of the stories moved me to tears.


Witnessing such brand new, fresh pieces of work, written literally moments prior to being performed, it was impossible to not feel moved and wanting to share your own soul.

We all had the opportunity to be on stage together, stretching, shaking out tensions and even screaming on Jessica’s demand, then moved into writing one story,  3 different ways, each with about 5 minutes time to pour out. For those who opted to get up and share, it was inspiring to watch Jessica’s process as she suggests her improvements, recommend nuances and little “tricks of the trade”.

To learn more about Jessica Lynn Johnson, her private coaching sessions and her FREE class held weekly in Sherman Oaks, visit her HERE and prepare to get started telling the world your truth!