Write Where I Am. #WritingPrompt

I have been writing in one form or another for as long as I can remember. Even before I knew how to spell, I was always scribbling rubbish on my story books or jotting out letters to relatives (that my Mom would translate for me afterwards!). Later years found me getting my thoughts out via poetry (something I still attempt), keeping massive, dramatic journals (A hobby I miss & somewhat lost the passion to keep up doing) & being a devoted pen pal to friends I still have today (Thanks to the power of email & Facebook).

Most recently, my writing outlet is right here. My trusty blog! So, when I read Writer friend Summer Felix’s newest post with her writing prompt to answer the question: What is your perfect environment for writing? What gets in the way? I nerd-ed out & immediately wanted to jump on this band wagon, mainly because I had been struggling from writers block a bit this week & now, suddenly, this is my 3rd post I am writing in a row. What’s the secret? Why my sudden burst of blogging energy?


The truth is, I really do not know. But, I have had plenty of time alone to gather my thoughts & get some posts scheduled, but, nope. Hadn’t happened at all this week. But, give me my boyfriend playing video games or South park playing in the background & suddenly, ba bam. I start writing & loving the sound of my keyboard typing away.

Growing up, I could only write in the silence of my room, on my bed, usually, playing Tori Amos or The Cranberries on my headphones. I think as I have gotten older & my schedule has become more scattered & busy, I am just happy that the fuel has not completely run dry to write. This blog has reminded me that writing was really my first passion. It’s never left me, just evolved, as have I.

Some seem to have a nice, organized desk or office for their blog & writing. Me? You will usually find me on the couch, in my pj’s, with some wine or tea (Green Ginger is my libation of choice right now) when I am most driven to get out my thoughts & posts to you. Maybe one day I will tell you I am coming to you from the beach, or some exotic location like Hyde or Central Park (Oh, how I wish I had been blogging when I was in New York last!) but, my advice or answer for where I like to write? Anywhere. That’s how I know it will forever be one of my biggest passions.

Where do you like to write? Join in on the discussion on Summer’s post here! xo



  1. Rachee

    March 10, 2014 at 9:34 am

    I spent so long trying to find the perfect set up that I would not write at all. I can be found curled up in something comfy, coffee in reach scribbling away.

  2. Jeri

    March 11, 2014 at 8:24 pm

    I work best in silence, and I also work best at a desk. It’s a good thing hubby and I each can have a home office 🙂

    1. AlongComesMary

      March 12, 2014 at 5:12 pm

      That IS awesome! Thanks for stopping by, Jeri!! <3

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