A Day in Memphis

Memphis is a city I want to see more of. I’ve been twice now and although the visits have been brief, they leave me wanting more. On our last trip, I was fortunate to see some new sights and an old favorite. 

Memphis Museum of Science History (MoSH)

The Museum of Science History, or MoSH as the locals say, captivated Mabel instantly. It’s located at the iconic Pink Palace Mansion. I was happy at how ample it ended up being since we originally expected a smaller venue. 

Much like its name suggests, MoSH covers the science of natural history. Currently, there is the terrific SUE: The T. Rex Experience. Visitors will get to meet numerous life-size dinosaurs including Sue. Sue is a T. Rex and we get to see both the outside AND inside skeletal system with two impressive and colossal figures of Sue. 

Other highlights for us were the Natural History of the Mid-South and Everyday People: Snapshots of the Black Experience. MoSH has such a good mix of exhibits and activities for all ages. 

Memphis Zoo

A favorite memory of Mike and I is visiting the Memphis Zoo before we were married. We were with our family friends and their children were much younger. We enjoyed a day with kids that were not ours (haha) yet knew it would be special to return with a kiddo of our own. 

As always, we loved it. Each section is beautifully designed to represent where the animals are from. We especially had fun exploring Animals of the Night and African Veldt. 

Once again, we found dinosaurs. The zoo currently has a fun Dino Park walk-through. Members can experience it for free and non-members for just five dollars. We gave it a whirl and Mabel was in dino heaven. 

It’s also a walkable zoo in two hours or under. We made it a pit stop as we had a three-hour drive back to our house. Always a must when we’re in town!

Lorraine Motel

Heading back from Arkansas, I was eager to introduce Mabel to the zoo. We started at Mike’s favorite, the Memphis staple, Central BBQ. Various locations are throughout the city and this time we were downtown for the first time. After he devoured his lunch, I noticed we were across from the National Civil Rights Museum which is also the location of the Lorraine Motel. 

The Lorraine Motel, as many know, is where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in 1968. Despite the museum being closed on Tuesdays (when we were there), the motel is partially accessible. We read the plaques, saw Dr. King’s car parked below his room, and a memorial wreath paid tribute at his upstairs door. 

Although I’d still appreciate touring more of the museum, the motel parking lot offers a compelling and haunting glimpse of its past. 

Random Coffee House Find

So, my friends, I’ve been back at it. I was completely off coffee but am back to an occasional fancy latte of sort. Organic is key but I had a deep craving in the south before we headed to the zoo. I jumped online and found Crazy Gander Coffee Company. It was airy, arty, and bright. The perfect pick-me-up spot. Check it out if you find yourself nearby. 

Until next time, Memphis. I have much more to see like the Peabody ducks and Graceland with Mabel. xo

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