A Full Body Workout with Box Union

Is there a sport you’ve wanted to try? There are a few for me and one is boxing. I’ve not done any kind of strenuous workout in a while (ok, years). So, when my good friend, Jennifer, organized “Better Together,” an incredible event with Box Union, I was in. 

Box Union offers boxing-inspired cardio at three SoCal locations plus an at-home option. A group of us met up in Sherman Oaks and I didn’t know what to expect. The atmosphere was immediately inviting, and I felt at ease as soon as I met Brian, Box Union’s manager. 

The Unique Approach to Box Union 

Before I experienced Box Union, I envisioned coaches and experts channeling Muhammad Ali. Instead, Box Union offers an intense, 45-minute whole body workout with an emphasis on the boxing bag. You won’t get into a ring! The studio’s capacity is about 30 and each participant stands at a boxing bag. The room is dark and the environment loud and vibrant. 

As a first-timer, I loved that it’s such a dimly lit studio. This helped me focus on myself and not on anyone else or comparing. I made a beeline to the bag furthest back in the corner. Our coach, Matt, was phenomenal. We followed along with his moves as he led the class on a platform. With a microphone on, he guided us as music blasted through the studio. We punched, kicked, and moved to the beats. It felt a bit like a dance club or even a concert. I felt like Madonna warming up for a show. 

A Time to Punch (and Reflect)

I really appreciated Matt’s positivity and encouragement to each of us there. It was September 11th, and he made some poignant comments about the 20th anniversary. As I sweated and felt my body already getting sore (probably parts that I forgot existed), I thought about it a lot. I was a plucky, unsure teenager when September 11th shook the world. Had no idea where my life would take me, and as I punched, squatted, and attempted to crunch my core, I felt incredibly thankful. 

I have a beautiful family, a daughter I never thought I would have, traveled, made wonderful friends, and have a lot some only can dream of. Even though my health continues to give me some struggles, I made it to the class. I’d had a rotten night of no sleep and felt incredibly anxious. I was determined to make it but still struggled. It was very empowering to be there and feel those burns. 

I craved pancakes afterwards but had a protein power breakfast instead! (c) Mary Farah
Goodies to enjoy after the workout. (c) Mary Farah

Loved my Grapefruit Juniper soda from Mirth. (c) Mary Farah

Raffles, Stretching, and Swag Bags

After the rigorous workout, we headed back to the front entrance of Box Union. We enjoyed drinks from Halo and Mirth as Jen raffled off some lucrative treats. The grand prize? A gift card to Athleta! Beyond that, both Athleta and Box Union donated swag bags to each of us. It felt like a “reward” for working out. I could get on board with that, couldn’t you?

Also on hand was the Stretch Lab. I’ve heard of different wellness approaches in LA, but was unfamiliar with this one. The Stretch Lab works with people from all walks of life to improve their health through proper stretching techniques. This seems like a great idea after a boxing workout. As someone who gets joint pain, I’m happy they’re on my radar now as I’d love to learn some new approaches to a good stretch. 

I had such a wonderful time and can’t thank Jen and Box Union enough. Whether or not you’re a local, Box Union offers cool at-home memberships to help you get in your best shape. Learn more about them HERE. I’ll see you at the studio! xo

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