Fall Updates for Along Comes Mary

We’re officially a month into Fall. Just weeks away from the heated election, and about two months to go before we say goodbye to 2020. To say this year has been a roller coaster is an understatement. From the pandemic and lock downs to the outcry for racial justice, it’s clear that we continue to have a long way to go. I shake my head a bit at my Spring update. I knew we were in trouble when Coachella was canceled but did I envision Disneyland wouldn’t see a possible reopening date until Summer 2021? Nope.

My Summer update for Along Comes Mary continues to be a post I’m extremely proud of. All of what I said still stands, yet I know I’ve not done as much as I should be doing. I continue to strive to do better. I take to my Instagram stories to promote for those unable to speak and share as many resources as I can. After my post in support of Black Lives Matter, it was wonderful to see many of my readers stand by to support me. Some others? Let’s just say it was extremely sad to see some friends go to the curve.

With Fall very much here, there’s been a lot of change, happiness, and some turmoil in my personal life. At the beginning of this new decade, I was full of hope and excitement for all to come in 2020. I had a trip planned for nearly every month of the year and envisioned we’d be in our same home. Just my husband, dogs, and me. Now? Let’s just say we’ll have a new (surprise) family member joining us in January, and we’ve moved to a beautiful new home outside of Los Angeles County.

All of these life changes went down in months, weeks. Mostly all good, but I still ache and feel for those fighting to live their life despite the color of their skin. I continue to thrive to have Along Comes Mary be a safe space for all and to promote people from all walks of life.

As for other Fall updates for the website, I truly hope you’ll join me on Facebook Live this Sunday, October 25th at 10 AM PST. I’ll be interviewed by the American Diabetes Association Los Angeles chapter discussing my twenty-six-year journey as a type one diabetic. More will also be revealed about the new family member coming soon!

Following this, I will be taking over their Instagram on Monday, October 26th. It also happens to be my birthday and I hope to give you a good glimpse into the “day in the life” of not just me, but someone with a chronic illness and how I go about caring for that. While I try to cover a range of topics close to me on my website, I don’t dive too much into my diabetes. This will be a bit of a step out of my comfort zone and I’d love to have you join along, and ask questions as we go.

In conjunction with the interview and takeover, I’m also a part of the ADA’s TourDeCure fundraiser. Funds are being raised through December, and if you’re interested in joining my “team,” you can find more info here. If you’re not the marathon type, you’re in luck as this year is all virtual instead of actual racing!

These fantastic opportunities with ADA LA were made possible by the T1D Sugar Mommas. Check out their brand new website if you’re interested to learn more. I love a grassroots cause, and these mommas are doing amazing things in the type one community.

Happy Fall. xo

(*Disclosure: My views do not necessarily reflect those of the American Diabetes Association or the T1D Sugar Mommas. All opinions are my own and I’m speaking on behalf of Along Comes Mary.)